After dog impersonation, Hillary Clinton does best impression of Al Sharpton

Why is it that every time Hillary Clinton gets around black people, she starts to talk like Florence from “The Jeffersons?”

The Democrat presidential frontrunner was all smiles Monday after she met with Rev. Al Sharpton in Manhattan as part of her effort to get blacks to vote for her over rival Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders had a similar meeting with Sharpton last week to do his share of pandering.

When Clinton and Sharpton met with media afterwards, he told the media that only she knew who he was going to endorse and that she wasn’t talking.

Then, with a big smile on her face, which told anyone watching everything they needed to know about who Sharpton would endorse, she responded with “My lips are sealed” in the most stereotypical “black” accent you can imagine.

Her lackluster attempt at pandering was not lost on social media.

Carmine Sabia


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