Rep. Luis Gutierrez pushes for $30 minimum wage: ‘Oh, and a free pony?’

Rep. Luis Gutierrez recently praised a group of Las Vegas-area restaurants for increasing their employees’ minimum wage to $15 per hour, then stating that figure is only the beginning — he wants a $30 per hour minimum wage.

“We’re working to champion the cause of people – and I’m so excited you guys increased the minimum wage at Taco el Gordo, right?” the Illinois Democrat told the group.

“$15 an hour, I like that, that’s good. That’s good stuff, you know, so tomorrow I say –hey wait a minute, it should be $30 an hour – are you all going to vote for me?”

“You say, ‘c’mon Gutierrez ain’t nobody’ – but that’s my point,” he said. “I mean you could take this to a point in which you go ‘really? – but we can’t do it.’ Should it be a goal? Oh, man, I am for that goal. I’m for a goal that everybody gets health care. I’m for a goal that everybody gets to go to college regardless of their income. And Latinos more than anyone else know that.”

Folks on social media thought his statement was a case of unabashed pandering coupled with a total ignorance of basic economic theory.

Watch the clip via Media Research Center.

H/T: CNS News


8 thoughts on “Rep. Luis Gutierrez pushes for $30 minimum wage: ‘Oh, and a free pony?’

  1. OldIronSidesSailor says:

    This clown got kicked off the campus of USC and continues to demonstrate he is another SJL, DWS, NP, BB, DF, HC, BC,BOooo, etc…..

  2. tsigili says:

    He’s working to eliminate the healthcare deficits, ObamaCare has created all across America.

  3. margo1942 says:

    he needs a reduce salary ! he is not worthy to be in congress , was he installed like corrine brown?

  4. Tiger says:

    If the minimum wage were to go to $30 an hour many professionals would leave their jobs to flip burgers. Then there would be no need for illegals.

    Under Socialism Gutirrez and his people would be working for the government for free, in the jobs the government wants them to work.

    He is proof positive America has lost it’s grip on reality.

  5. DwightMann says:

    I will support a minimum wage of $15/ hour for immigrants if that law states that “anybody lacking the skills necessary to perform work which justifies a $15/ hr wage CANNOT enter the country”

  6. OWM67 says:

    At $30 there are minimum jobs, too.

  7. Mary Brown says:

    What a moron! Zero grasp of economics which is standard for dems!

  8. libnot says:

    What planet do these people live on? Really. So, ‘they’ really think putting together a big mac at mcdonalds is worth $30/hr? Really? Automation and robotics is going to destroy all of these jobs within a decade. There are no more jobs like this. Period. Learn a skill. Get paid for what youre worth. Simple. Or, start a business, take the risk…and BUY robots. Done. Adios.

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