Guy dumps his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day after exposing her ‘cheating’ in surprise video

On Valentine’s Day, a California man gave his girlfriend the boot as a gift.

Kyle Boggess claims to have discovered his girlfriend was cheating after setting up a fake profile on the dating site Plenty of Fish and interacting with her as a fake person.

He put together an elaborate Valentine’s Day surprise for her.

He blindfolded his girlfriend and walked her upstairs where he had a room decorated with rose petals scattered over the floor and a teddy bear.

After she got comfortable, he handed her a card and asked her to remove the blindfold.

When she opened the card, she saw the printouts of her unfaithful interactions and Boggess shouted at her to get out of his house.

In another video filmed from his brother’s perspective the woman looked at the camera and said “’I don’t really care. It was a two-week relationship.”

Comments varied:

Hennimore wrote on YouTube: ‘You made a fake profile to trap a girl you’ve been dating for two weeks, holy s*** you are f***ing insane.’

Vanessa W posted: ‘Together a couple of weeks and he does all of this? What a loser! I don’t blame her for not caring.’

Troy Kelly wrote: ‘If this is completely real, then it’s utter justice. Savage as f***, but I can’t believe she doesn’t even bat an eyelid when things change.’

Watch the video below via the Daily Mail.

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