Glenn Beck reveals real reason he left Fox News

While stumping for Republican presidential contender Ted Cruz last week in South Carolina, media personality Glenn Beck said that the real reason he left Fox News was because he was told to “stop talking about God.”

“I was told, ‘Stop telling people to pray,'” Beck said at a campaign rally. “I was told not to tell people to pray on their knees because there’s a lot of people in the audience whose knees hurt and I make them feel bad.”

Beck said the network told him he was distracting God from more important things.

“I was told, ‘Stop praying because that takes God’s focus off the important things like war,'” he told the audience. “I was just like, ‘Uh-huh. Wow. I thought I was gonna get this speech at CNN.'”

Beck then said he was called back into the office four months later and was told he had mentioned God “91 times” since the earlier conversation.

“My wife and I knew we were in the wrong place,” he concluded.

Glenn Beck on why he really left Fox News…WOW.

Posted by Christopher Westfall on Saturday, February 13, 2016


Forbes reported in April 2013 that Beck said he left Fox News to save his soul.

“If you stay in it too long, you become Norma Desmond,” Beck said while accepting an award at the Tribeca Film Festival at New York University. “I remember feeling, if you do not leave now, you won’t leave with your soul intact.”

Norma Desmond was a character in the 1950 film “Sunset Blvd” played by Gloria Swanson. A silent movie star, Desmond dreamed of making a triumphant return to the big screen after talking pictures ended her career.

A Fox News spokesperson told Politico’s Mike Allen at the time that Beck was interested in saving something other than his soul.

“Glenn Beck wasn’t trying to save his soul, he was trying to save his ass,” the unidentified spokesman said. “Advertisers fled his show and even Glenn knows what that means in our industry. Yet, we still tried to give him a soft landing. Guess no good deed goes unpunished.”

Interestingly, World Net Daily reported in January 2012 that Beck said Fox News tried to censor him on reporting about George Soros.

“Beck explained that his own former network tried to get him to clam up about his constant reporting on what he felt was Soros’ fiendish agenda to harm the American way of life,” WND reported.

Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

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50 thoughts on “Glenn Beck reveals real reason he left Fox News

  1. M&M says:

    Glen is not a preacher or pastor. He is an extreme nut. Notice no one followed him to his new show, it is in the tank. if you ever listen to him in 2009, he claimed that world is coming to an end because of Hussein Obama

    1. ROBERT WADDELL says:

      It is and Obama is just a little player in the grand scheme of events! Becks show tanked but is still more viewers or listeners than MSNBC!

      1. M&M says:


        1. dfinch says:

          R Waddell didn’t say they were better. He said the Blaze ratings were higher.

          1. M&M says:

            cry me a river

    2. ROBERT WADDELL says:

      I’m sure you enjoy your m&ms with nuts, being a liberal!

      1. M&M says:

        let me help you with your stupid:
        Liberals are not the only people who dislike Glen Beck. you notice his ratings dropped right. Hey, did Glen tell you that Obama switched them to be Liberals or something?


    The United States is done! The murder of Justice Scalia, was the icing on the cake! Now Obama will bypass congress, ignore the rule of law any way he can to destroy this country that he isn’t even eligible to be president of! These are supernatural events playing out before our eyes, you don’t have to believe it, so just watch!

  3. DebraJMSmith says:

    So for all those people who claim Beck does not push his Mormon false god, there you all go! He admits it.

  4. levelhead says:

    not a fan of fox news anymore, but i used to watch beck, he was booted because he lost advertisers, funny, this is typical beck, whatever forum he is at he explains his departure, at a religious forum it was about god, at a conservative forum it was about soros…glenn beck dosnt care about lying as long as he makes money preaching the victim, he bashed bush, and obama, romney and mccain, now its trump, he always backs the loser, unless they become a winner, then he bashes them, thats how he makes money, after all who would listen to beck if he was praising his winning pick? note he hasnt picked a winner and it will continue with cruz, he cannot win a general election.. he cant even win his own party.. but beck can whine for 4 years about what could have been..

  5. HongryHawg says:

    Gee, Beck, stop crying. It wasn’t your show. Do what you want on yours but don’t expect everyone to embrace your yaking about religion all the time. BTW, if you want Cruz to win, stop campaigning for him. You turn too many people off with your judgmental, holier than though blabbing. I used to like you but then you went off the rails. Hard to listen to now, though I do try occassionally.

  6. Mex Seiko says:

    If God told Him commanded Beck to leave Fox, why does he disobey by showing up from time to time?

  7. Mr02shadow . says:

    I paid $100. for “The Blaze” when he started it. He was a true journalist with information cable was not giving. There was a story that was breaking on Muslims crossing the southern border, he said on his sirius radio program, I rushed thru my stops all day to be home in time for the show, when it came on I was prompted to up grade my subscription in order to watch it. “Capitalism is boss”. I cancelled but still listen on sirius Patriot channel.

  8. pointdan says:

    Fox has its favorites and slants programming accordingly.
    Can’t play fair then I don’t watch …
    Go TEA Party !

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