Rachel Maddow declares Cruz guilty for Ted Nugent’s recent anti-semitic rant: You ‘own this’

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow is hanging the “guilt by association” tag on Republican presidential contender Ted Cruz while conveniently ignoring facts that don’t support her argument.

A tag that never applies to liberals.

Cruz’s crime is that outspoken rocker Ted Nugent thinks highly of the candidate.

Nugent is taking serious heat for a social media rant this week about who is “really behind gun control.” The iconic rocker included a collage of images of prominent Jewish Americans, each with an Israeli flag overlaid, along with derogatory comments about Jews, prompting critics to accuse Nugent of being anti-Semitic.

As any good propagandist is apt to do, Maddow first laid down a disclaimer before ripping Cruz.

“Nobody is responsible for their own endorsers,” she said on Friday’s program. “Nobody can be held accountable for the thoughts and actions of people who like them. You can’t control who likes you!”

Maddow then reported on the Nugent controversy in the worst possible light, before displaying an image of Cruz’s campaign website that says: “Ted Nugent says Ted Cruz is his favorite presidential candidate.”

“If you’re Senator Cruz and you put this up on your website proudly embracing an endorsement from Ted Nugent — showing off, campaigning even tonight on the fact that you are the choice for president of Ted Nugent — then you do kind of own this,” she concluded, before naming  other questionable endorsements he has received.

Does she have a point?

It’s worth noting that Nugent did not officially endorse Ted Cruz. On the same program referenced by the Cruz campaign, the rocker also said: “I’m a big big fan of Donald Trump’s.”

Several months later, during an interview on Newsmax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show,” Nugent said he will not endorse any of the GOP presidential candidates until one wins the nomination.

He repeated that his “dream” is for Cruz to win, but again spoke very favorably of Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump is as close to Ted Nugent as you’re going to get in politics,” he said. “I like Donald Trump because he’s bold and he’s treating the culture war as the culture war that it is.”

But somehow this all escaped Maddow’s notice.

The reference to Nugent begins at the 15-minute mark below:

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