Judge ruins Hillary’s election plans! 551 emails drop on Saturday, guess what % were confidential?

hillaryIn the first of a series of releases of Hillary Clinton’s emails, more than 15 percent were deemed to contain classified information.

A federal judge ordered the release of the former Secretary of State’s emails in installments, with the first 551 released by the State Department on Saturday, reported The Washington Times. Three of the messages were marked “secret” and more than 80 others were “confidential.”

One email from a top U.S. diplomat to Egypt, David Satterfield, discussed negotiations in the Sinai with top State Department and White House officials. This email is now marked “secret” in its entirety, according to the Times.

The order to release the emails in installments through Feb. 29 dashed the department’s hopes of delaying them until the end of the month in order to prevent voters from being affected in the Democratic primary.


Frieda Powers


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