Judge ruins Hillary’s election plans! 551 emails drop on Saturday, guess what % were confidential?

hillaryIn the first of a series of releases of Hillary Clinton’s emails, more than 15 percent were deemed to contain classified information.

A federal judge ordered the release of the former Secretary of State’s emails in installments, with the first 551 released by the State Department on Saturday, reported The Washington Times. Three of the messages were marked “secret” and more than 80 others were “confidential.”

One email from a top U.S. diplomat to Egypt, David Satterfield, discussed negotiations in the Sinai with top State Department and White House officials. This email is now marked “secret” in its entirety, according to the Times.

The order to release the emails in installments through Feb. 29 dashed the department’s hopes of delaying them until the end of the month in order to prevent voters from being affected in the Democratic primary.



26 thoughts on “Judge ruins Hillary’s election plans! 551 emails drop on Saturday, guess what % were confidential?

  1. מַמְזֵ֖ר says:

    Big deal, these people are murderers yet Democrats do love their murderers

  2. wonduh says:

    Seems like the facts have been in long enough. Now the question is: when/who will bring the charges against Hillary and others involved with the problem? It goes all the way up to the WH and Obama and the muslims in his admin who are directing the dork. Wake up folks, it is slipping away. Hang ’em high: all of them.

  3. monacall says:

    THIS IS SUCH A JOKE. AND we the people will pay for it. start screaming people.

  4. What_no_change??? says:

    If those on the hill really want to start getting to the bottom of this they should start charging and arresting everyone of the people who SENT the confidential and secret emails to the hildebeast for TREASON. Then offer them a choice…prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law with the death penalty on the plate…or turn states evidence against the hildebeast and obutthead and all their ilk.

  5. wonduh says:

    Apparently those who get their info off the major media sources know, or seem to, what is going on yet the group is so spread out and diverse, little seems to be able to be done. Therefore, my suggestion is your representatives; both Senate and House. They come up for re-election at staggering times and you know enough people to either get them re-elected or out of office for being RINOs. Your Facebook contacts is an excellent source to spread the good/bad word about your reps. The latest death on the S/Court will be laid out as a conspiracy, but who lays down to die with a pillow over their head and the bed covers are not even messed up? Think on that. Who is next? Grandma’ just called for dinner; gotta go. Check your six.

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