Wasserman Schultz rambles after CNN host confronts her on ‘rigged’ superdelegates

Results from the New Hampshire Democratic primary have brought into question Hillary Clinton’s position as initially behind rival Bernie Sanders and then appearing to have an equal number of delegates.

CNN’s Jake Tapper presented the question to Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz Thursday, asking what she would tell voters who think the process “is all rigged.”

“We are, as a Democratic Party, really highlight inclusiveness and diversity at our convention,” Wasserman Schultz said. “And we want to give every opportunity to grassroots activists and diverse, committed Democrats to be able to participate.”

She attempted to explain how the pledged and unpledged delegates are separated to discourage competition.

“I’m not sure that answer would satisfy an anxious young voter,” Tapper said as he moved on to ask if Sanders was even able to win a general election.

Wasserman Schultz was confident that either of the two Democratic candidates would ultimately be elected president and that their direction for the nation would be far better than the “backwards direction” of the Republican candidates.

The DNC chair did not directly answer Tapper’s question about Clinton losing the women’s vote in New Hampshire, noting that it was not her “role” to “be handicapping or analyzing the results of our primaries.”

Watch the interview in the CNN video below.


Frieda Powers


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