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Tantaros erupts over Iran’s mockery of US soldiers: THIS is the question no one’s asking!

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Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros is apparently asking the question no one else in the media will.

When discussing why Iran continues to mock the U.S. with behavior that seems aimed at provoking a response, Tantaros asked why American sailors so readily gave up their weapons and surrendered to Iranians last month.

The sailors’ actions were “unprecedented,” Tantaros said on “Outnumbered” on Thursday, noting that their only reason to have done so would have been a command from someone in authority.

“We were not outgunned. They left their weapons and they surrendered on their knees,” she said. “Somebody had to give a stand-down order. This is the question everyone in the media should be asking and no one’s asking it. Who gave the order to abandon their weapons?”

Members of the military, Tantaros noted, have said “someone in authority” would have to have given an order to surrender. However, she questioned whether there was a motive to use the incident for propaganda by the Iranians.

“Was there a side deal done,” she asked, “that we allowed the Iranians to do this to humiliate us for a reason that we would put up with this?”

Co-host Pete Hegseth noted that Iran knows it can get away with its behavior under Obama’s watch. “This is the manifestation of weakness and appeasement to a regime that was literally founded on opposition to America.”

That opposition was in full display Thursday as Iran celebrated the anniversary of its 1979 Islamic revolution, complete with reenactments of the capture of American sailors. In its continued mockery, Iranian TV also released pictures of one of those captured who appeared to be crying.

And what Iranian revolution celebration would be complete without the traditional burning of the American flag and showing off a missile?

Not surprisingly, Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani was seen attending the festivities.

And as Iran continues to mock and threaten the U.S., the Obama administration continues to praise the deal and thank them for their diplomacy.

Watch the Fox video below.



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