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‘Lord, please help us’; Sheriff Clarke spots disturbing trend for law enforcement

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At least five law enforcement officers were gunned down and killed within the last four days, which nearly tripled the number of officers killed in the line of duty so far this year from three to eight.

CNN reported Friday:

A Colorado sheriff’s deputy died after being shot Monday; two sheriff’s deputies were killed Wednesday in Maryland; a police officer in Georgia is dead after gunfire broke out Thursday while he and other officers were serving a warrant; and a police officer shot Wednesday night in North Dakota did not survive, authorities say.

Before these deaths were reported, the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund said at least three other U.S. law enforcement officers had died from gunfire in the line of duty this year. Adding the totals together, that would make at least eight since January 1.


In comparison, by this date in 2015, only one officer had been fatally shot, while 42 were killed during the entire year — less than one per week.

When the first two deaths were reported, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke tweeted:

When the death toll continued to rise, it prompted this from the sheriff:

And what of the president’s reaction?

As opposed to the response of a true leader.

Several people made this observation:

How the week started out may or may not be important — a Super Bowl Sunday halftime show in which pop singer Beyoncé glorified the controversial Black Lives Matter movement, the fiery civil rights leader Malcolm X, and the militant Black Panthers organization.

All three have one thing in common — a burning distrust of law enforcement.


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