Black moderator to Hillary at Dem Debate: Don’t whites ‘have reason to be resentful?’

During the Democratic presidential debate Thursday, Hillary Clinton was asked whether white Americans had a right to feel resentful because of changing demographics — Clinton seemed to agree.

PBS moderator Gwen Ifill, an African American, raised the issue.

“If working-class white Americans are about to be outnumbered, are already underemployed in many cases, and one study found they are dying sooner, don’t they have a reason to be resentful?” she asked.

“I’m deeply concerned about what’s happening in every community in America,” the former secretary of state began. “And that includes white communities.”

She then listed problems such as alcoholism, drug addiction, lack of education and shorter lifespans.

“This is a remarkable and horrifying fact,” she said.

Black Lives Matter demonstrators were protesting outside the debate venue. Assuming they heard Clinton’s question and answer, they probably had one more thing to complain about.

Watch the clip.


49 thoughts on “Black moderator to Hillary at Dem Debate: Don’t whites ‘have reason to be resentful?’

  1. coneyro says:

    I just finished watching the Democratic debate on this site. Putting aside politics, Bernie Sanders is one man who can go one on one with Hillary. He isn’t afraid, or intimidated by her, in the least, to call her out when justified. For this, he has my respect.
    Others should take notice on this, and stop being wussies. She is NOT indestructible.

    1. ron2win2 says:

      Bernie should turn to Hilary & say your e=mails area a national disgrace & you should be arrested immediately . The nomination process would be over in one fell swoop.

      1. coneyro says:

        Sanders would never do this. He is above attacking his opponent on non-debate subjects, like the GOP candidates do.
        I am now watching the REP. debate at this moment. Trump is already attacking Bush. What a blowhard!

        1. ron2win2 says:

          My point for Bernie was a fatal Coup de grâce .He is either into win or not . I think the role you pin on Trump is the beard role of Bernie for Hilary.

  2. bufford54 says:

    this woman belongs in the big house, not the white house.

  3. Cdreeder says:

    Genocide of whites is happening all over the world. Even clueless clooney said 10,000 refugies are not enough.

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