Woman spots cheating boyfriend, goes insane! Breaks windshield to get at woman in car

A raged-filled girlfriend, who spotted her boyfriend driving with another woman around town, created a huge spectacle in the middle of a busy street.

Video and reports from the Daily Mail shows the woman approaching the car and screaming wildly. Bystanders, clearly entertained by the free show, can be heard cheering and laughing, which only seemed to add fuel to her fire.

woman on car

And fired-up she was. She began to stomp repeatedly on the windshield until it shattered. Even with that, she couldn’t reach the woman inside as she ran around the car looking for better access.


As soon as the car began to creep forward, the furious girlfriend ran in front and draped herself over the hood and broken glass.

Finally, after much screaming from both the raging woman and the now sizable crowd, the boyfriend was able to make a break for it, and sped off despite the fact that he couldn’t see what was in front of him. At that point, he probably was only concerned with what was behind him.


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