Rough start to Dem Debate! Media room rushed by angry protesters demanding min wage increase

A group of “Fight for $15” protesters took over the media room of the Democrat debate Thursday night.

Dozens of them, started protesting outside and then stormed the media room chanting “We work! We sweat! Put $15 on our check” and “You want our vote; come get our vote!” according to Yahoo News.

The protest lasted for several minutes until the group was escorted to the lower level of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s campus, Yahoo News reported.

“Fast food workers have been going on strike in this country since Nov. 29, 2012. Today over 1,000 workers — fast food workers, home care workers are out here, child care workers, adjunct professors — what they’re saying is they want $15 an hour and a union,” Kendall Fells, the national organizer and director of Fight For 15 told Yahoo News.

“They don’t care if you’re a Democrat, you’re Republican, they don’t care if you’re running for dogcatcher or running for president, they want $15 and they want a union. … A lot of these workers have never voted before but are going to be voting in this election, and they’re going to make sure their voices are heard.”

There didn’t appear to be any signs that read “I need to learn a skill so I can make more money” at the protest.

Social media did have several pictures and videos of the event.

Carmine Sabia


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