Rosie O’Donnell autism joke so offensive that rep called her a ‘piece of mushy dog s***’

No stranger to controversy, Rosie O’Donnell finds herself smack dab in the middle of another one after making an ill-advised joke about autistic kids.

A joke that thoroughly offended the National Autism Association … enough for a representative to call her a “piece of dog s***, according to TMZ.

 The rep didn’t hold back, saying Rosie wasn’t only “dog s***,” she was mushy dog s*** on the bottom of their shoe.


Performing Sunday at the comedy club Carolines on Broadway, the comedienne joked that as a parent, her teenagers were so difficult that she’d trade them in for autistic triplets in an instant, according to TMZ.

The NAA rep added that O’Donnell “crossed all lines of being a good human being to make a desperate, low-blow joke.”

O’Donnell seems to realize she crossed the line, telling TMZ that she didn’t meant to hurt anyone and that she has raised money and done documentaries for the autism community.

“Although it was not my intent to hurt people, I realize I did. It was my fault.” Rosie added. “I have two children with spectrum disorders. I’m aware of the challenges and stigma associated with autism.”

Tom Tillison


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