Guy threatens to smash student’s laptop for Trump sticker, commits assault on female instead

A male college student threatened to smash a female student’s notebook computer — all because it sported a “Trump Make America Great Again” sticker.

Political primaries have only just begun and fighting among supporters is already taking a nasty turn.

Clifford Durand, 18, a student at the Queens campus of St. John’s University, took a photo of his unsuspecting classmate with the offensive sticker and posted it on Twitter with the message, “7000 retweets and i’ll smash this b***h’s computer.”

Source: New York Daily News

“7000 retweets”? Within four hours, Durand’s tweet got more than 16,000 retweets. But a post that viral soon caught the attention of the intended victim — Brianna Algazali, 20 — who complained to the university’s public safety office and approached her classmate.

And the confrontation included raised voices, heated words, and a drink being thrown at the hapless Durand.

“She asked him to take down the post and he said ‘make me,’ another student told the New York Daily News.

Brianna Algazali and Clifford Durand

“She raised her voice and she threw her drink on him,” a friend of Durand said. “He looked like he was in shock. I went towards him to hold him back.”

Durand later admitted on Twitter that he struck Algazali after she threw the drink in his face, a statement confirmed by witnesses. His Twitter account was later suspended.

Watch the report via the Daily News.


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