Bravo! Meryl Streep slays ‘white Oscars’ controversy with 4 words

Actress Meryl Streep not only has a serious knack for acting, but also for staying above the fray — until now.

In the midst of an ongoing controversy surrounding the “white Oscars,” Streep was asked for her take on the lack of diversity within the industry at the Berlin film festival on Thursday. With one sentence she made jaws drop, and walked away with her head held high.

“We’re all Africans really,” Streep said.

Well, there you have it. Can we all just finally move on and work together to fix the economy, debilitating debt, and devolving society?

Not so fast. As with everything else these days, the world’s most famous actress started a mini-controversy of her own:

Here we go…

“Dismissive” and perhaps unifying. But, we can’t have that. How, then, will we remain perpetually outraged?

Speaking in and of itself is becoming a poor choice these days.

“Stick to your own race?” How progressive.

But not everyone was offended, there were some who thought she had more than a clue:



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