Air Force general faints at podium giving Pentagon press briefing about budget

Things took an awkward, and bit of a scary, turn during a Pentagon press briefing when a high-ranking general suddenly slumped over the podium.

Officials were talking about the $120b budget for the F-35 fighter program on Tuesday when U.S. Air Force General James Martin Jr., 52, began to faint.

Assistant Air Force Secretary Carolyn Gleason tried to lighten the mood as aides rushed to help Martin.

“That’s what the F-35 will do to ya,” Gleason joked about the budget.

Video/photos: CSPAN/DOD

pic 5

Several colleagues struggled to keep Martin from falling completely over, but finally managed to get him some water and to a seat.

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It was later revealed the general was suffering from the flu and would be fine after some rest. A great relief to all who witnessed the surreal event.

Photos from DOD.

H/T: Daily Mail


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