Supreme Court just delivered crippling blow to Obama’s global warming agenda

DC NEWSBy Michael Bastasch

The U.S. Supreme Court just delivered a major blow to President Barack Obama’s global warming agenda by halting the implementation of a key Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulation on carbon dioxide emissions.

The court won’t allow the EPA to implement its so-called Clean Power Plan (CPP), which aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from power plants 32 percent by 2030. This is a big win for the 29 states suing the federal government to stop a rule expected to cripple the coal industry.

“Five justices of the Supreme Court agreed with North Dakota and other parties that EPA’s regulation would impose massive irreparable harms on North Dakota and the rest of the country and that there was a substantial likelihood EPA was acting unlawfully,” Paul Seby, an attorney with law firm Greenberg Traurig representing the state of North Dakota, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

States asked the Supreme Court to halt implementation of the CPP after a lower court rejected their appeal in January. Now, Morrisey and the Obama administration will make their oral arguments on the merits of the law in front of federal judges in June.

“Make no mistake – this is a great victory for West Virginia,” said West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, who’s leading the states against the EPA, in a statement on the announcement.

Morrisey argues the CPP amounts to “double regulating” by the EPA, since coal-fired power plants — the main target of the rule — are already being regulated under another provision of the Clean Air Act. States also argue the CPP is in effect a federal takeover of their energy policies.

“We are thrilled that the Supreme Court realized the rule’s immediate impact and froze its implementation, protecting workers and saving countless dollars as our fight against its legality continues,” Morrisey said.

This is the second major EPA regulation to be held up by the courts in recent months. Last year, federal judges issued a stay on an agency rule redefining “waters of the United States” — this sparked backlash from nearly every industry from farmers to energy producers.

But defeating the CPP in court may not be as easy as states think, since the Obama administration will likely argue striking down these rules would go against international commitments made by the U.S. in Paris last year.

In December, the U.S. joined nearly 200 countries in pledging to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to fight global warming. Obama promised to cut emissions 26 to 28 percent by 2025.

The Obama administration, however, may have problems of its own because it has not gotten the agreement ratified by the Senate — a key requirement for a legally binding treaty. This has only added to the confusion of whether or not the United Nations Paris deal is legally a treaty or not.

“This will be a fatal blow to the president’s climate agenda,” Tom Pyle, president of the Institute for Energy Research, told The DCNF.

“This shows just how far the Obama administration has gone — they went too far,” Pyle said.

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77 thoughts on “Supreme Court just delivered crippling blow to Obama’s global warming agenda

  1. unshocked says:

    Don’t worry Barry will find a way to change the mind of Judge Roberts, and the court will again legislate from the bench.

    1. Garys_opinion says:

      I wonder what Obama’s using to blackmail Roberts.

      1. wsurfs . says:

        I read it was the “illegal” adoption of his children..!

        1. CLASYS says:

          It’s quite illegal. We need a Republican POTUS so he can step down; I think he sincerely wants to to stop the extortion. Remember, they made him switch his vote [Obamacare is thus a “tax” on your presence in the US while illegals can do anything they want].

          Roberts illegally adopted two Irish children whose identities were “laundered” by a sleazy international child ring who basically illegally took them out of their home country [Ireland, which forbids all foreign adoptions, period] and made them appear to be from South America]. If they ever travel to Ireland, the children will be taken from them and not returned; other charges could follow, etc.

          1. SusieQ says:

            Didn’t know that, very interesting. Obama is a master at holding the past over someone head for his own gain. Petraeus for instance.

          2. David Tierney says:

            Never knew that. I do think that Obama with the help of George Soros is blackmailing many members of Congress who were caught with their pants down around their ankles.
            “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely”.
            Washington D.C. in a nutshell.

          3. wsurfs . says:

            I wasn’t aware of the full details…..However, I DO remember how angry I was when Roberts REWROTE Obamacare to FIT Obama’s agenda so that it would pass…!! IT was SHAMEFUL…!! He should step down now because how can a Supreme Court justice do his job when he has so much hanging over this head and is in Obama’s golf bag….!!

  2. G Bert says:

    In a world of truly fair and balanced journalism, more than a few reporters would be asking why four justices continually insist on relinquishing power to the executive branch. Of course, that mindset goes in the trash when a Republican is in the White House. I’d sooner trust US constitutional interpretations to any nine jailhouse lawyers over DNC plants like Breyer, Ginsburg, Sotomayor, or Kagan.

    1. Beeotchstewie says:

      You said it. Lifetime appointments have GOT to go. Talk about liberalism entrenched forever.

      1. Derek Schlesinger says:

        Lifetime appointments do need to go. But you do realize the 5-4 advantage isn’t for liberalism? It’s for things like unlimited money in politics, SC justices taking money from lobbyists, giving big business the right to legally discriminate, allowing politicians to suppress votes and re-draw districts, etc…. That’s not a court of liberalism, it’s a court of conservatives. But it will be a liberal court soon enough, because the GOP can’t win national elections anymore.

        1. Beeotchstewie says:

          How could they when George Soros own all the electronic voting machines and the company (Scytl) in Spain, that “counts” out votes as well. You could say the fix is completely in for one side. Disagree? How about all the rampant fraud in 2012 and 2014? Hundreds of instances of said voting machines “malfunctioning”, only problem is the default error in 100% of those occurrences defaulted to all Democretins. Even happened to GOP candidates who voted for themselves. Yet not one reported instance of the errors changing a D vote for an R. This and the Democratic lies regarding voter registration being racist are all parts of the massive voter fraud scheme Obama is using to ruin the USA. Why not just use thumbprint scanners to eliminate Obama supporters voting multiple times illegally?

          1. Derek Schlesinger says:

            Yes I disagree because none of what you say is factual. 1) Soros doesn’t own the voting machines used to count the votes nationally or within states. Some states don’t even use machines. You sound like Dems in Kansas who accuse the GOP of the same thing. 2) Do you know the number of prosecuted voter fraud cases in the last 4 presidential elections????? 3. 3 total cases of prosecuted voter fraud. People don’t commit voter fraud because it’s a felony and getting a felony for an extra vote is very illogical. Voter fraud is a made up issue to suppress votes. It’s supported by the GOP and fought by Dems. The GOP doesn’t like providing solutions to actual problems, so they choose to offer solutions to things that aren’t problems in the first place. Dems want people to vote, GOP wants to restrict votes, and they want to do it systematically by preventing votes from groups they know tend to vote for their opponents. 3) Obama trying to ruin the USA? Really? 4) If people voted “multiple times” for Obama they should be prosecuted. It’s a felony offense and if caught and prosecuted, in most states they wouldn’t be allowed to vote ever again.

          2. SusieQ says:

            Nice fairy tale. Maybe if you click your heels together three times you can go back from where you come from. One can only hope. Could it be the Media Matters Newsroom?

          3. Derek Schlesinger says:

            What do you know, another reply from SusieQ with insults and no factual info/logical points at all. Big shocker.

          4. SusieQ says:

            No logical thoughts or facts to respond to Derek, in is what it is. a leftist trying for attention with nonsensical comments. I’d rather just let you know you cannot “insult” people’s intelligence and get away with it. Not here fella.

            You are hilarious if anything. Go back to Media Matters and bone up on how to at least sound more convincing.

          5. David Tierney says:

            Check the PA voting records of 2012.

          6. David Tierney says:

            Why would Democrats prosecute voter vote when the fraud did nothing but benefit them. Wow you are an idiot.

          7. SusieQ says:

            He’s paid, the talking points are
            same old, same old. Maybe a college kid trying to make a quick buck. So obvious. So immature sounding.

          8. Derek Schlesinger says:

            Facts = talking points to morons. But SusieQ has now responded to me 9-10 times and hasn’t stated on single fact yet.
            And I’m no paid college kid. I did get a masters degree and I’m now paid by my 2 jobs, which pay me very, very well. But nice to see you belittle someone you don’t even know. Typical for someone who has no factual info or points to make. Just an uninformed trash talker.

          9. SusieQ says:

            Ha ha ha, go away little dweeb. No one wants to hear your malarky. You have two masters degrees? I’m supposed to believe that. If you have to tell someone, well, you get the picture don’t you Derek?

            Your “facts” come from a little ‘bama book provided by Media Matters, good try though, well perhaps not that good, lets just say mediocre. You guys are so easy to pinpoint.. Ahhhh…. this is just priceless.

          10. Derek Schlesinger says:

            No. I have 1 masters degree and 2 jobs. I know you don’t know facts but I assumed you could at least read.
            I don’t even know what media matters is. So why do you keep bringing it up? Is that your talking points since you’ve yet to post any facts on any topic?

          11. SusieQ says:

            Hey. did you ever hear of the proverbial turnip truck? well, look it up, or do I have to find it for you. Every good little leftist knows who Media Matters is, it’s their bible. Almost as good as the “Communist Manifesto” by the two spoiled brats Marx and Engels. Ha ha ha you slay me.

            Maybe lighting a candle in front of your Obama shrine and doing some chants of “Yes I can, Yes I can”……….would clear the mind and you can look these items up, go now little lemming.

            Oh, is this your day off from your two jobs? What, the two part time jobs Obama has managed to force on the country?

          12. Derek Schlesinger says:

            What do you know, no facts, all insults. You’re pointless. Have a nice day.
            Oh and my 2 jobs are both high paying sales jobs where I can set my own hours. So it’s easy for me to take seconds to respond to children while still being in a tax bracket you can only dream of. Thanks for playing.

          13. SusieQ says:

            Okey-dokey Derek. Like I said if you have to tell someone your “whatever”……….. Did you google the turnip truck reference?

            Have a good day at school tomorrow, don’t forget your excuse for teacher. Playing? Ha ha ha.

          14. Derek Schlesinger says:

            Typical dumb reply. Enjoy your day.

          15. SusieQ says:

            I always enjoy my day, “thank you”. Very immature response from you sounds, hmmmm….twelveish. Ask your teacher tomorrow about the turnip truck. So long.

          16. Derek Schlesinger says:

            Eleven actually. Best part is, judging by your replies (or lack there of logical replies) I more than likely had a higher IQ than you when I was eleven.
            And you giving lectures on maturity is like Chris Christie giving advise on dieting. Enjoy your day.

          17. SusieQ says:

            Ha ha ha, Okay, you have a good evening and don’t forget to do your homework.

          18. Today22011 says:

            D. S. is amusing. Must sit and smile at his idiotic rejoinders.

          19. SusieQ says:

            My guess, is his age about fifteen years old. In love with Bernie. He wants a revolution

          20. Derek Schlesinger says:

            Republicans would prosecute if their was voter fraud by Dems. Dems would prosecute if their was voter fraud by Republicans. But their wasn’t. Voter fraud is a non issue because it’s a felony. People aren’t going to commit a felony for an extra vote because it makes no sense at all. State elections come down to thousands of votes. Voter Fraud is a made up issue, pushed by 1 party to use an excuse to prevent people from voting against them. One party encourages everyone to vote, while one party wants to suppress votes.
            And no reply to your non sense about ” How their was counties in PA where Romney didn’t get one single vote”?

          21. David Tierney says:

            Do you get you facts from organizations like which is funded by the very Liberal mindwd Annenberg Foundation which was founded by Obama’s buddy, the terrorist, liberal, Bill Ayers. You need to check where you get your so-called facts. The Liberals have laced your mind with propaganda.

          22. Derek Schlesinger says:

            HAHAHA. I’m not the guy who claimed and I’ll quote, “27 Counties in PA that had registered not one vote for Mitt Romney. Not one.”….Only to be proved wrong. Then knowing you were proved wrong, switched and said, ” Appologies to you. However it was in Ohio where in 21 Counties Romney had zero votes but the funnier thing is Obama got 108% of the vote”… Only to be proved wrong AGAIN. Maybe don’t call someone out on “fact checking” when BOTH times you provided “facts” you were proved WRONG. And I proved you wrong by using the right wing Politico. HAHAHAHA. I’m guessing you’ll backpedal, change the state and lower the number of counties again??? No, wait it was Florida and 16 counties had Romney with 0 votes. No, wait it was Nevada and 9 counties. Priceless. Don’t call someone else out on fact checking and “so-called facts” when you only two things you’ve posted have been proven to be BS.

          23. David Tierney says:

            Proven wrong by whom?
            You? That’ll be the day. You get you facts from liberal based news outlets or foundations like Politico ehichbis funded by the Allibritton Foundation which is overseen and funded by far right wing terrorist supporters who have Republican friends in high places, including G.W. Bush. None of which I would pay a dime for their lies.

          24. Derek Schlesinger says:

            So you still believe that Romney got 0 votes in 27 PA counties? And got 0 votes in 21 OH counties????? Please show me any info, form any source, that shows either. I’ll wait.

          25. SusieQ says:

            Look it up yourself. You know how to google? Why do you little boys come on here and then demand verification and proof. If I want to check on a comment I usually let my fingers do the walking and find out.

            I suggest you do the same. No one has to prove anything to a person that has made a train wreck of his “facts” as you have. Don’t let that screen door hit you in the old caboose Laddie.

          26. Derek Schlesinger says:

            BHAHAHAHA. See people ask for verification and proof when people such as yourself spout nothing but nonsense and can’t back up anything you say. You’re apparently the one who doesn’t know how to use Google, since you’ve yet to provide one single fact or counterpoint in 14 posts. But let me guess, Google is just the liberal mainstream media and nothing on Google is credible either. Well, it’s 3:30 so you probably have to catch the short bus home. Have a nice day.

          27. Derek Schlesinger says:

            You’ve been proven wrong on both your comments. Guess today it that day.

          28. Today22011 says:

            The Black Panthers were never prosecuted for intimidation at voter polls, Philadelphia, PA.

          29. David Tierney says:

            I totally agree, in fact their were, I believe, 27 Counties in PA that had registered not one vote for Mitt Romney. Not one. How the hell does that happen? Illegally, of course.

          30. Derek Schlesinger says:

            Where do you make up this BS. The FEWEST votes Romney got in any states was 1,264 in Cameron County and he WON that county.

          31. Derek Schlesinger says:

            The last time a Republican won Pennsylvania was 1988. Since then, it’s went DEM in 92, 96, 00, 04, 08, 12 and will again in 16. It’s usually close, but Dems consistently take 51-52%. But it was probably just voter fraud every single election.

          32. David Tierney says:

            My appologies to you. However it was in Ohio where in 21 Counties Romney had zero votes but the funnier thing is Obama got 108% of the vote which is impossible any way you slice it.
            Now if that is not voter fraud, there is none.
            But these stats you can check.
            I simply had the wrong State.

          33. Derek Schlesinger says:

            Obviously 108% would be BS. That’s not possible. I find that odd and it would have been a much bigger story if true. Let me do some digging.

          34. Derek Schlesinger says:

            Not Ohio either. Is there another state you’re thinking of?
            Lowest amount Romney got in any county was just under 3,000 votes in Vinton county and he won that county. It’s the same trend you’d expect. Romney won most of the small counties 5,000-3,500, 9,000-8,000, but when it came to the big counties Obama would win 400,000-200,000

          35. David Tierney says:

            No, I read Ohio and it was 21 Counties. I’m beginning to not believe any more of what I read

    2. Derek Schlesinger says:

      How about the 5 GOP plants? Especially Thomas and Scalia??? Scalia and his wife take $$$ from PAC’s for gods sake. A conflict of interest on the same level as Hillary. With decisions like Citizens United, Hobby Lobby, etc… how can you support the 5 GOP plants? Sadly, it doesn’t matter if you’re left or right. The problem is that the court is now partisan when it’s supposed to be the one non-partisan group in our political system.

      1. Memphis Viking says:

        Yeah, the GOP had to ‘plant’ Justices who would actually read the Constitution.

        1. Derek Schlesinger says:

          HAHAHA, good one. I needed a laugh.

          1. SusieQ says:

            I know you leftist are never happy unfortunately.

          2. David Tierney says:

            I think Derek is actually Jay Carney at his new job.
            Or rather up to his same tricks of trying shovel more propaganda.

          3. SusieQ says:

            Derek has provably settled down in his dorm room by now with a cup of tea and reading his favorite storybook pamphlet.”The Communist Manifesto”.

      2. G Bert says:

        I don’t recall liberals complaining about Roberts’ “non-partisan” vote that allowed the Obamacare to survive. When has a lib ever joined the conservative justices in a major decision? You should read a history book sometime. Political battle lines have been drawn way before you and I were ever born. Presidents have always tried to stack the court toward their political view. Roosevelt’s New Deal programs of the ’30s were struck down by conservatives on the court, but his eight appointments over 13 years as president turned it very liberal even through Eisenhower’s days.

        1. Derek Schlesinger says:

          Liberals were actually complaining about the ACA. We wanted universal care. Or at the very least a public option. Not a requirement to buy private insurance (status quo) or a HC plan written by the Heritage Foundation. The ACA was basically Bob Dole’s “personal responsibility plan” from the 90’s. That why it’s so hilarious the GOP hates it. It was their own plan, until Obama was for it, then it’s required to be the worst thing ever because you know anything Obama says/does is the worst thing ever.
          And obviously presidents try to stack the court. That isn’t new. What’s new is the partisan nature of the court. Even with courts stacked in the past, judges tended to make decision based on laws and precedent and the court was not an extension of the political parties. It was the check and balances 1/3 of our system. Today judges basically stick to 5-4 party line votes unless it’s a huge ruling. Even no-brainer rulings get at best a 6-3 vote these days. Think there was one labor rulings vote that went 9-0 and that is it.

          1. SusieQ says:

            Too late now Derek to start your whining. Obama has ruined it for you clingers whose on the side of big Government. You know as well as anyone the Obama has been stacking the courts to get the rulings he and his Marxist buddies crave to unsettle this great nation.

            Barry had a deal with the devil himself to get the job done and although he accomplished some of the devil’s objectives, they didn’t expect such push back, how sad. Even with the infamous pen and phone the one without morals and ethics could not get the job completed.

            Suck it up buddy it’s a new day and you had your time and it did not work, never does. Adios.

          2. Derek Schlesinger says:

            Delusional much? If you’re going to spout non-sense with no facts or even logical points, I’d think you could keep it to one reply. Like last time, I’ll list facts to prove how absurd you are. 1) Under Obama the number of government jobs has been reduced and the number of PRIVATE sector jobs has increased by over 14 million, with a record 72 straight months of private sector job growth. Unemployment has went from 10.2% to 4.9%. The deficit when Obama took office was $1.2T and last year it was $463B. So he’s cut the deficit by over 50%. So he’s REDUCED govt jobs, the deficit, and private sector unemployment. So much for “big government”, in reality it’s actually the opposite. 2) Obama isn’t even close to socialist, let alone Marxist. Under Obama income inequality has increased. IF he was a socialist or Marxist then income inequality would be going down, not up. 3) I wont address the two “devil” non sense. It’s sadly typical of your replies. 4) I feel sorry for you. Devoid of factual info, quick to insult and spout nonsense. Either you’re off you medication or you just don’t seek out factual information. Either way, it’s sad.

          3. SusieQ says:

            You know, I read about half of your absurd comment. You dweebs come her and spew your lies that are so easy to debunk. You are starting to sound like Hillary now. A consummate liar. She is oblivious but I think you are paid as “no one ” could be as ignorant as your comment is making you out to be.

            Who cares what you think. As it is just paid jabberwocky. Now run along.

          4. Derek Schlesinger says:

            HAHAHAHA. Your typical reply for the 5th time. And you’ve “debunked” nothing. Debunking means providing facts and data to prove someone else is wrong. (Like I’ve done to you) I provide numbers and facts to back up how your comments about “big government”, Obama making deals with the devil, Obama being socialist, etc… is utter nonsense. You reply with ZERO facts and only insults because you know that the facts and numbers are the exact opposite of the claims you make. Government info is very easy to find. Especially economic based arguments that are based on numbers. Please prove me wrong…. Give me some facts and numbers on the economy to show Obama has increased government jobs, increased the deficit, has improved income inequality, or has lost private sector jobs…. I’ll wait. But I’ll be waiting forever because the numbers don’t lie. I’ll simply wait for your next rambling reply of non sense, or jabberwocky as you call it.
            On the plus side, I got to see the words: dweebs and jabberwocky. And have someone who typed those words have the balls to call me ignorant. Pot calling the kettle black alert!

          5. SusieQ says:

            Did not read your reply again I do not discuss with duplicitous paid posters. You are fooling no one. The “words ” must have made their mark just as I hoped they would.

            You are a good practice exercise to point out how desperate the left is. You are not as good as some that come here. I put a fork n your rhetoric.

        2. David Tierney says:

          That is how Roosevelt got elected 4 times. He gave away money that wasn’t his to those who didn’t want to work for a living. It’s called Welfare and who the hell do you think pays for it? Not the government, the people who work their ass off pay for it.
          He is the reason we have term limits for Presidents.
          The 22nd Ammendment was inacted after Roosevelt was elected to his 4th term. For the very reason of he, Roosevelt, stacking the SC

      3. SusieQ says:

        Oh trying to stay neutral is really difficult isn’t it. Gosh, it sounds so logical to a brainwashed lib. Now that’s sad.

      4. David Tierney says:

        How can you support a political Party that wants to destroy this Country?

        1. Derek Schlesinger says:

          I don’t support the GOP.

  3. John Campbell says:

    Trump takes New Hampshire by storm in a landslide victory and now this! Great things are happening! :o)

    1. Mujo67 says:

      This article, where constitutional protections against executive department overreach was narrowly defended 5-4 on the Supreme Court, should make it even more clear how dangerous a Trump presidency would be, where a man with zero personal convictions and zero respect for personal property rights (other than his own) would probably be responsible for nominating 2 new justices…and with a Democrat controlled Senate to confirm.

      1. John Campbell says:

        You totally lost it with that comment. Trump’s views on selecting U.S. Supreme court Justices is well on record. He supports a litmus test for “Doctrine of Original Intent”. There is simply no better way to make such choices. Trump supports putting the same sex marriage question back to the courts and putting it back to a states rights issue as well.

        1. Mujo67 says:

          Trump’s views on many things are transient and based on little more than what’s best for Trump at that time.

    2. HOFFHACK says:

      Lordy, Lordy! There is a God!

  4. teaman says:

    Don’t be shocked if the Executive Anus finds a way. Barry loves everything the “TRUE America” is against.

    1. John Campbell says:

      I remember that one. And so true too!

      “Executive Anus”. Purely fitting. :oD

  5. Libs R Loons says:

    I can only imagine how surprised liberals will be once they start getting their electric bills with all the new Obama “global warming” taxes attached to them.

    1. Brody says:

      The success of Trump is the result of a Republican party getting elected to stop barrys war on America and once in office hit the snooze button. Trump is not running as a conservative, he is running against the failure of the GOP and intentional failure of the democrat/socialist/communist party.

    2. tedlv says:

      They will pass legislation that says the increases must be paid by registered Republicans.

  6. Well done. The court saw Obama’s attempt to put one more nail into the coffin of the US economy. This was not ignorance on his part. He has been attempting to kill this country from day one, just as he promised. That is what “fundamentally transform” meant.

  7. tedlv says:

    Wait for the unconstitutional executive orders. They will be here soon.

  8. PhilJourdan says:

    The anathema to liberal programs. Having to show they do anything other than squander money.

    1. YouPoorVictim says:

      “Having to show they do anything other than squander money.”


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