Watch Triumph the Insult Comic Dog unleash torrent of old-school humor on PC college students

Triumph Dog College StudentsBefore New Hampshire residents began voting, local college students were microagressed by the raunchy Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

The puppet, voiced by comedian Robert Smigel, took a trip to the University of New Hampshire to talk to students about gender identity, trigger warnings and other politically correct topics.

Triumph told the students that one of the reasons he chose them was the fact that the school published a “bias-free language guide” in which it described words like “American,” “homosexual,” “illegal alien,” “Caucasian,” and “foreigners” as “problematic.”

“Trigger warning,” Triumph shouted. “In this video, there will be the clear depiction of a dog pretending to be interested in what a college student is saying …” followed by some raunchy language.

Speaking about Bernie Sanders, he told one student “I want you to know he is going to break up the banks.”

“I think we should break up the big banks,” the student replied.

“Then how are you going to access your parents money?” Triumph retorted.

The video ended with a flamboyantly homosexual black man coming into the room and then asking the students to describe him in a politically correct way, before adding a hilarious twist.

Watch the entire skit below.

**WARNING – Strong language.**

Carmine Sabia


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