Trump explains using vulgar term for Cruz: No big deal, like a ‘retweet’

The controversy over the vulgar attack from a Donald Trump fan on Ted Cruz continued into New Hampshire’s primary day.

On Monday night, a person in the crowd of Trump’s rally called Cruz a “p***y,” and Trump pretended to reprimand her for using it while repeating the insult himself.

On Tuesday, Trump explained to “Fox & Friends” why he thought it was harmless.

“It was like a retweet so I would never say a word like that,” Trump said.”The audience went crazy, standing ovation, 5,000 people went nuts. They loved it. You know, we’re having fun.”

CNN cameras caught up with Cruz later Tuesday and asked him his thoughts on the insult.

“Nothing Donald says surprises anyone. You know, Donald doesn’t handle losing very well,” he said. “He didn’t like that he lost in Iowa and his response often is to simply yell and insult and engage in profanity. You know, my approach is not to respond in kind.”

Watch Cruz’s response in it’s entirety below.

Carmine Sabia


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