‘Ouch!’ Social media notices something uncomfortably wrong at Hillary event

Well this is embarrassing.

During a campaign stop in Hudson, New Hampshire, “fans” gave Hillary Clinton the type of support she probably didn’t want.

Sitting behind Clinton while she gave her speech were people wearing “Settle for Hillary” t-shirts.

The shirt more or less embodies the feel of the current Democrat primaries and many Democratic primary voters who feel like, as opposed to the Republicans, they’ve really been given no choice.

As one social media user put it: troll level = epic.

Carmine Sabia

Carmine Sabia

Carmine Sabia Jr started his own professional wrestling business at age 18 and went on to become a real estate investor. Currently he is a pundit who covers political news and current events.
Carmine Sabia


33 thoughts on “‘Ouch!’ Social media notices something uncomfortably wrong at Hillary event

  1. tsigili says:

    Liberals have been settling for the worst possible candidates for decades.

    1. celticnanaof3 says:

      Unfortunately, so have Republican voters…until now.

    2. GenEarly says:

      I disagree about Libs settling previously, they have loved their candidates. That these previous candidates were the worst of the worst is true however. As for the Chamberpot Repubs……..
      Sheesh, they are downright embarrassing, from McCain to McConnell and Boner to…. just wait. Ryan.
      DemocRats have just pooped on themselves this sElection cycle, but they are used to the smell so are moving “Forward”, Progs to the end.

  2. John Campbell says:

    Now THAT is bold! LMAO!!!!! :oD

  3. celticnanaof3 says:

    I think the DNC made a deal with Hillary back in 2008 that they would give her their full support in 2016 if she’d step down and let Obama have the nomination. They would make sure Obama appointed her as his Secty of State so she could add foreign experience to her resume when she ran in 2016. So now it’s time for Hillary to be their nominee, but they didn’t want it to look like they weren’t offering the Democrat voters any choice except Hillary so they looked around for an opponent who had no chance of defeating her…an old, white, male Socialist. Nobody would vote for a Socialist! Or so they thought. Imagine their shock that things have turned out to be so bad for Hillary. People DO still care about honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness. Not only do they want a candidate they can believe in…they want one they can believe, period. Hillary has proven that she has none of the characteristics the voters want. Hillary’s greed and corruption has come back to bite her on her butt. I, for one, don’t count her out. She has a whole lot of money and a whole lot of very rich and very powerful people backing her. They NEED her in the White House and they will do EVERYTHING they can to make that happen, even if it means making sure the vote tallies show her the winner. Remember, it’s not how many votes a candidate gets…it’s who is COUNTING those votes. Didn’t we hear that the voting results of 90 precincts in Iowa went missing? What are the odds of someone winning all 6 coin tosses? I’m expecting to hear many stories of voter fraud from now through next November. Iowa was probably only the beginning.

    1. Sarah417 says:

      There are also 500 super delegates, whatever that is, already committed to Hillary. Trump better hone his political history to beat her. I believe he can beat her.

      1. celticnanaof3 says:

        I wish I shared your belief that Trump can defeat Hillary when it comes time to vote in the general election. Hillary will promising the moon to all the people who lack the education and intelligence to understand that everything she promises comes with a higher tax bill. For low income voters, hearing about all the wonderful things they’ll get for free and that the “rich” will be paying for it, will sound wonderful to them. Remember that black lady who thought Obama was going to buy her a house or a car? There are millions more Americans out there who will think the same about Hillary. Trump merely tells people he’s going to make America great again…he’ll create so many jobs…he will make better trade deals, etc. But he doesn’t give specifics. What will he DO about Obamacare? HOW will he create more jobs? What kind of jobs will they be? I think we have more than enough burger flippers already. How will he built that massive wall on the border with Mexico? The Mexicans aren’t going to be paying for it. We know if they can’t go over it, they will tunnel under it. Hillary will be telling people specifics…the rich will pay for everything, but it will all be a big lie. She knows it’ll all be a lie but she thinks the people she will be talking to will buy every word she says. Nobody is as smart as she is….or so she believes. They believed Obama’s lies…twice. I don’t have a lot of confidence in the American voters…too many of them are “single issue” voters, looking out for their own best interests.

        1. 1qaz says:

          Well, to the problem of Trump NOT giving specifics…..neither is Hillary. No one expects specifics. They will ALL vote on ‘campaign promises’. They always do.
          Getting the Mexican’s to ‘pay’ for the wall? Easy. SHUT the border gates until they do. The USA can exist a LOOOOOONG time without Mexico. NOt so for them. Or put a ‘fee’ on every person, truck, train crossing the border, to pay for the wall. mexican’s would GLADLY cough up whatever $$ is needed, to re-open the border. We could also put a ‘fee’ on any $$ being wired back to Mexico from the illegals here in the USA……I understand THAT is a zillion dollars a year…….Mexico WOULD GLADLY pay whatever to keep THAT flow of US$$ coming in.

          THINK! Who needs who, here?

          1. celticnanaof3 says:

            It would be good if we stopped handing out millions of dollars in foreign aid to countries such as Mexico (where our jobs are now going) and to Middle Eastern countries. That money could built a really nice wall…but there’s also the problem of elaborate tunnels going under these above-ground barriers. It would be far better to take away every incentive we give to people who enter this country illegally. That would be cheaper for us, in the long run. Do away with “birth right” citizenship for starters. Take away all types of welfare benefits to non-US citizens. With more American companies moving out of the U.S. and going to places like Mexico and Ireland, and taking away welfare benefits, why would any unskilled foreign national want to come to this country?

          2. 1qaz says:

            “Birth-right” babies are not the BIG problem everyone thinks they are. So….Juanita and Jose come across the border – have a baby. The baby IS a citizen. The parents are not. The parents are deported. The baby is not. The parents MUST leave. They can take their US citizen baby with them, or not. THEIR choice. We do NOT deport our citizens. Jose and Juanita VOLUNTARILY take their baby with them when they leave. Again, WE DO NOT DEPORT CITIZENS. The parents VOLUNTARILY deported their baby. Now…how can anyone with a brain condemn the US for that?

          3. GenEarly says:

            Birth right Citizenship is Not settled law, and is in no way inferred from the 14th amendment to bestow citizenship on former slaves following the UnCivil War. Trump has questioned birth right citizenship, which is only practiced by the USSA, btw, in the entire world, only us. No muy intelijente!

          4. 1qaz says:

            OK, you’re right about the ‘not settled’ law of birthright. But….until we DO get it settled…..deport the parents and let them decide what to do with their own kids….

            Quick solution to a longer (?) problem.

            AND, one more reason to vote for Trump…..ANY of the others even addressing this…..????

          5. Sarah417 says:

            It would seem that even Obama doesn’t give specifics on anything so why does everyone need to get them from Trump? These other candidates running can tell you what “they think” they will do, but really none of them knows until they get there if they do get there.

        2. GenEarly says:

          All the current issues are being discussed because of Trump! Do you think the Bushie-Kaisch cartel was going to discuss Illegal Aliens going back home? Muslim invasion being halted (unfortunately only temporarily), or renegotiation of the “Sucking Sound” trade agreements that Ross Perot accurately predicted?
          What specifics do you require? How the wall will be built? Take a look at the Israeli Wall that ended Palestinian suicide bombers. Why would Mexico pay? Why not? Mexico paid for their wall on “their” southern border with Central America. When confronted with the loss of revenue from the US, they will co-operate.
          Trump is not joining the Neo Con Chamberpot Repub rush to label Russia the enemy and provoke an expanded NWO war in Syria/Ukraine. In foreign policy/wars I recommend an ignored warning in 1933 long ahead of Eisenhower’s in 1959.

          1. Sarah417 says:

            Trump can get along with anyone he so chooses to get along with. He said of Putin “I like Putin, he’s a nice guy, I can get along with him”. About N Korea, he said “China runs N Korea and he get’s along well with China so he can handle N Korea”.
            NO MORE WARS. If the NWO wants to reduce the population around the world then they’ll have to force birth control. Let’s hope Trump can break up the NWO plan.

          2. GenEarly says:

            It’s almost impossible to break up the NWO plan, but I’m with you in never surrendering to it. It may get unpleasant, even in the extreme, it has before….

          3. Texas Belle says:

            Where are the specifics from Hillary? She keeps saying that she is a Progressive Democrat who can get things done? What things? More taxes, more garbage about climate change, fairness for the LGBT community, free college (just like Bernie), more handouts, more health care that is costing more than anyone was paying before???? What she wants to do I want none of.

          4. GenEarly says:

            Well, Ms Belle, I do agree. Hilarity is a ProgreSSive Criminal and Political Tyrant.
            All the best, I am expecting some unpleasantness during this sElection year.
            Are you a Cruz or Trump primary voter? I think Trump has more of a strategic view of our situation, but I’ll vote for either that wins the primary, against the DemocRats.

        1. 1qaz says:

          People that Clinton Organization own…..They are IN THE BAG for Hillary, obvously

        2. Sarah417 says:

          Thank you.

    2. Sarah417 says:

      Standers has captured the 18-29 age voting group. They don’t seem to realize that if Sanders wins, they have voted away their ability for future free elections. Brain dead all of them.

    3. Texas Belle says:

      I agree that Sanders was supposed to be just a place holder to make it look like Hillary actually had competition. Of course she will pick up steam in the coming primaries, especially in the southern states where the black population will come out to vote for her. Sanders had a good showing in 2 states–good luck from here on out.

      1. celticnanaof3 says:

        I think you could be correct about Hillary doing better in states that have a higher black and hispanic population but in the general election, how many of those folks are going to bother to go to the polls to vote for her? Nobody seems enthusiastic about her. Many are left to wonder if she’ll even be able to finish this campaign after all of the FBI investigations are completed. The Democrats ALWAYS promise the black people that they will help them…and the black people fall for it and vote for them, only to be disappointed that nothing changed. They are still as poor and uneducated as before. Until they realize that it’s really up to them to take advantage of the opportunities they have, they won’t do better no matter which party is in power. Sanders will still appeal to the college-age kids who don’t know that all of the free things Sanders (and Hillary) is promising them WILL come with a price tag that they WILL be helping to pay.
        In the end, I think the DNC will insert a different candidate…Biden?…to finish this race. If that happens, does he get the delegates that were given to Hillary?

      2. tedlv says:

        Don’t neglect the illegal votes, the multiple votes, and the dead votes.

  4. Sunshine Kid says:

    Made a screen capture of the T-shirt and am posting it everywhere with the caption “Losers support other losers”.

  5. Tiger says:

    I always said from the get go Hillary would not be the candidate and I have to tell ya folks I don’t think Bernie will be either. Socialist the word alone still has a nasty feel to it and I don’t think the Democrat Party, who can’t even explain what Bernie is doing running under their banner won’t let that happen. They are already in deep water.

    1. tedlv says:

      For the life of me, Tiger, I can’t understand why you don’t like Bernie. He wants to turn the US into the next Venezuela. How on earth could you possibly object to that? I mean, hunting for toilet paper is, well, entertaining, right?

      1. Tiger says:

        LMAO don’t ever want to be that bored.

  6. paul says:

    Hilarious!!! Such observant people. Haaaaaaaa

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