See big blunder that made GOP debate kickoff look like SNL comedy skit

You could be forgiven if you mistook the start of the latest GOP debate for the beginning of a Saturday Night Live skit.

Dr. Ben Carson‘s didn’t hear his name announced during introductions and started somewhat of a comical traffic jam.

The retired neurosurgeon stayed off the stage waiting while the camera remained on him and Ted Cruz walked around him.

Donald Trump also failed to hear his name and he stood offstage with Carson.

After Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush walked around the pair the moderators again introduced Carson.

They had to introduce Trump two more times before he made his way onto the stage and they nearly forgot Ohio Gov. John Kasich altogether.

After the debate Carson told reporters that ABC, the host of the debate, had audio issues and that is what caused the confusion.

“ABC News has admitted there were sound issues. We couldn’t hear very well backstage, so I was just waiting to hear my name,” he said.

But that didn’t make the moment any less hilarious.

Check out the comical clip below.

Social media was quick to skewer the mishap.

Carmine Sabia


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