NFL legend Jerry Rice goes undercover as Lyft driver to have some pre-Super Bowl fun

Opting to put his Super Bowl ring — one of three — in his pocket, former NFL player Jerry Rice, perhaps the greatest wide receiver to ever play, went undercover recently in San Francisco as a Lyft driver.

And when his lucky passengers finally discovered who it was driving them around, they were ecstatic.

Calling himself “Jay,” the Pro Football Hall of Fame player masked his appearance by donning a beanie and sunglasses.


One passenger came real close to blowing Rice’s cover, giving him the once over — twice.

“You look very familiar, Jay,” the man eventually worked up the courage to say.

Rice chatted up his passengers, even saying he wasn’t much into sports. Ironically, more than one of his fares said they were lifelong 49ers fans — Rice played for the San Francisco 49ers for 15 years — but had no clue one of the team’s legendary players was sitting right next to them.

“My dream is to be an actor,” he tells one unimpressed rider. Rice did appear on “Dancing with the Stars” in 2006, coming in second place.

Watch the video here and see if you agree that it’s hilarious:

Tom Tillison


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