More than one in four Germans say officials should shoot migrants who try to cross border illegally

A week after a conservative German politician suggested that refugees should be shot at the border, more than one-fourth of the population agrees with her.

Although people reacted strongly when the Alternative For Germany (AFD) party leader Frauke Petry first proposed a “shoot-at-the-border” policy, she nonetheless struck a chord among her countrymen beset by the problems the open borders have created.

Frauke Petry

Frauke Petry / Source: screen grab

A Research Institute YouGov poll taken over the weekend indicated that 29 percent of Germany’s migrant-beleaguered population find themselves in agreement with Petry, according to the Daily Mail Online.

Liberal politicians now fear that her suggestion, coupled with Europe’s migrant crisis, may drive voters into electing who they call a modern-day Hitler.

“We need efficient controls to prevent so many unregistered asylum-seekers keeping on entering via Austria” Petry said.

“Border police should be able if need be to have recourse to their firearms — as laid down by law. No policeman wants to fire on a refugee and I don’t want that either. But as a last resort there should be recourse to firearms.”

But while a considerable number of voters agreed with her gunfire policy, only 13 per cent of those quizzed believed that her party should not be spied on by the nation’s intelligence services – something called for by SPD party chief and vice-chancellor Sigmar Gabriel. One third of respondents considered this a good idea.

The poll came ahead of vital regional elections in Germany on March 13 in the states of Baden-Württemberg, Rheinland-Pfalz and Saxony-Anhalt. The AFD – enjoying record highs of 12 per cent support among voters – are expected to gain big and Angela Merkel’s CDU conservatives are facing a significant setback over her open-door policies which have seen over a million refugees pour into the country in the past year.


Although Chancellor Angela Merkel continues to insist that “we can do this,” the sheer number of those seeking asylum have created a logjam.

“Between 670,000 and 770,000 people who arrived in Germany in 2015 still had not received the final decision on their asylum applications and a majority have not even been able to file their applications,” Frank-Jürgen Weise, who heads the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees said.

“It’s an unacceptable situation. It’s serious and unacceptable for people to have to wait so long. It’s bad for the prospects of integration and also bad for the job market when it takes so long.”

It’s also bad for the native Germans who are harassed by and lose their homes and jobs to the refugees.

Watch the video of an anti-Muslim protest that was held in Germany, via the Daily Mail.


8 thoughts on “More than one in four Germans say officials should shoot migrants who try to cross border illegally

  1. BTeboe says:

    I’m telling you, the Europeans, not just Germans, are getting sick of the rapeugees. It’s going to get ugly.

    1. So Far….Both Sweden and Finland are already DEPORTING these MUZZIE TERRORISTS…And the Legislatures in Belgium Netherlands…and Germany are putting the process in motion….And France has the Countries Borders under Complete Lock Down…

      Too Bad that Our Government run by the DC DICTATOR and his Thug Regime….and the CO-CONSPIRATORS in Congress haven’t taken a look at what Europe is doing…..Since we are still opening our Borders to let more TERRORISTS and other Assorted Criminal Come in Freely….Even the Arab Countries are refusing to take ANY OF THEM…

      1. BTeboe says:

        Something Islam this way comes.

      2. Boots says:

        If the Republican leadership were the loyal opposition Obama wouldn’t be getting away with this manure. Republican leaders want completely wide open borders just like the Democrats do. They want to suppress the value of our labor while Democrats want more poverty. It’s kind of like if a few Americans are murdered it’s no big deal as long as the donor class is rewarded with cheap labor and Democrats get undocumented voters.

        1. Every day proves that we have ONLY one Political Party…The CORRUPT Politicians Party….Congress is a USELESS at doing anything to solve the Nation’s Problems….

  2. rubiconscross says:

    25% want illegal Islamic invaders shot at the borders. That’s a good start. Now if we could only get the other 75% to agree to behead the rest of them. An eye for an eye, or head for a head seems like commonly acceptable Islamic justice.

  3. tsigili says:

    NOW thye can see what the U.S. has been dealing with for over 50 yrs!

  4. RA says:

    So glad to see Germans standing up and speaking out to save their beautiful country and their family’s way of life.

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