Surprise, I’m alive! Wife crashes her own funeral after husband paid to have her killed

In a haunting yet empowering tale of betrayal and luck, a mother of eight is spared by a gang of hitmen who had been ordered by her husband to kill her, the Washington Post reported.

Noela Rukundo described her experience in a video interview. She  was presumed dead by her partner of 10 years and their entire community who held a funeral in her home in Melbourne, Australia, in her memory early last year.

After all of the mourners had left, Rukundo approached her former love who was under the impression that his wife was not only dead, but that he had gotten away with it scot-free.

Shocked and terrified, husband Balenga Kalala could not believe his eyes. “Is it my eyes? Is it a ghost?” Noela recalled him saying before he touched her shoulder to confirm what his eyes had already told him.

“Surprise! I’m still alive!” she replied.

Begging for forgiveness, Noela remained unmoveable and called the police. Kalala will spend the next nine years in prison for the failed hit on his wife.

Read Noela’s whole story here. And watch a video of her describing the moment her husband saw her alive below.



6 thoughts on “Surprise, I’m alive! Wife crashes her own funeral after husband paid to have her killed

  1. Beeotchstewie says:

    The husband should have contacted Bill and Hillary for access to more proficient hit men.

  2. gunnerv1 says:

    That “Clanging” noise was his Bum slamming closed!

  3. coneyro says:

    Not to negate this story, but did you see the crane video afterwards. Amazing. But, glad the woman is alive and well. Her husband got off too lightly.

  4. Patriot1119 says:

    oh man… that really threw a wet blanket on the honeymoon! lol!!!

  5. Lena Buscetto says:

    She should have called the police first, then walked into the funeral while all the mourners were there. Would have been much more dramatic.

  6. Friend Of St. Frank says:


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