Maher to Gloria Steinem: Why don’t you feminists fight for women under Sharia law?

It seems like a fair question.

When presented with the opportunity to interview a renowned feminist, Bill Maher asked why the treatment of women in the Muslim world was not a bigger issue for those advocating women’s rights.

“Why aren’t the way women are treated in the Muslim world considered more of a feminist cause?” the host of HBO’s “Real Time” asked social and political activist Gloria Steinem on Friday.

“Are you kidding me?” Steinem responded. “Of course it is. And women in those countries consider it a feminist cause.”

Steinem, who was long recognized as the spokeswoman for the feminist movement, said “All monotheism is a problem.” Maher responded “Yes, but not quite as much,” as he pushed back on Steinem’s claim that all theocracies are a problem.

“I can’t handle any monotheism,” Steinem said as she pointed out that feminists in Muslim countries are trying to push reforms. But Maher still wondered why it seems the cause of women under Sharia law is not one that today’s feminists decry.

“I’m just saying that for the people who were so for the Civil Rights movement in the sixties and against apartheid in the eighties,” Maher said, “it would seem that Sharia law in 40 countries should be the cause.”

Watch the interview in the clip below.

Frieda Powers


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