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Devout Catholic judge takes stand on social media after refusing to marry gay couples

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Bill MetzgerA Texas judge has Democrats up in arms over his refusal to perform gay marriage ceremonies.

Justice of the Peace Bill Metzger wrote on his Facebook page that his faith as a Catholic precludes him from overseeing such ceremonies.

“As I said back in June of last year, because of my faith in God as a devout Catholic I will be only be conducting traditional marriages,” he wrote.

Metzger used Attorney General Ken Paxton’s opinion that “Justices of the peace retain religious freedoms” and therefore are not required to go against those beliefs to perform gay marriages as his grounds.

“It is clear that any Justice of the Peace in Texas can refuse to perform a non-traditional wedding when that wedding can be performed by others. My sincerely held religious belief keeps me from being forced to conduct anything but a traditional wedding as a Judge per our Attorney General,” the judge said.

His stance, as expected, did not sit well with Democrats who have called for him to resign.

“By refusing to officiate same-sex marriages, Judge Bill Metzger is not only violating federal law, as interpreted by the United States Supreme Court, but he is also violating his Oath of Office,” Dallas County Democratic Party Chairwoman Carol Donovan wrote in a statement obtained by the Dallas Morning News. “Therefore, he must resign.”

Democratic Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins agreed.

“Dallas County taxpayers should not have to provide them with a free lawyer when they get sued, and that still doesn’t take care of the concern that they may get the county sued,” he told the Morning News.

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