Video: New Zealand protester launches sex toy at legislator; poor guy didn’t see it coming

New Zealanders certainly have an interesting way of expressing displeasure with their politicians.

Minister Steven Joyce was talking to reporters about the controversial Trans Pacific Partnership when a woman flung a sex toy resembling the male anatomy at him.

The toy hit him square in the face mid-speech.

“It would be unfortunate for being known for this incident,” Joyce joked.

The protester, who was whisked away by police, was much more serious about the incident.

“With the signing coming up next week, I thought it was really important that we take a really strong stand against this to protect the people of New Zealand, really,” she told One News.

“I’m here as a nurse because I’m worried about the patient rights and how many people will essentially die if this goes through because the price of medication’s going up, so yeah, it’s something I feel really strongly about,” she added.

Watch the video below.

And while she rightfully takes the TPP seriously, social media thought the entire incident was hilarious.

Carmine Sabia


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