‘Safe zones’ erected for women at German Carnival: Is this what a progressive society looks like?

Carnival celebrations kicked off in the German City of Cologne on Thursday with increased security and the setting up of “safe zones” for women in an effort to avoid a repeat of the sexual assaults on New Year’s by the city’s migrants.

BBC News reported 22 incidents of sexual assault on the first night of the week-long event that usually attracts over one million visitors annually. Despite 2,500 police officers on hand, attendance was lower than expected.

Police said they have 190 people in custody and the number of alleged sex attacks was higher than last year’s. City officials took extra precautions to ensure the safety of Carnival visitors, especially women, including security cameras, extra lighting and body cams for police.

Security, or “safe zones,” were set up so women who believed they were harassed, groped or even raped could enter and discuss with social workers and psychologists.

The announcement of the zones before the kick off of the celebrations resulted in some feedback on social media.


Frieda Powers


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