Trump cites FRAUD, calls for nullification or new vote: ‘Cruz STOLE Iowa’

That didn’t take long.

A day after being gracious in his defeat in the Iowa caucus, where he came in second to Sen. Ted Cruz, billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump is calling for a do-over.

Trump accused Cruz of stealing the election on Twitter Wednesday and called for the results of the election to be nullified, or for a new election to take place, after it was revealed that Cruz’s supporters told people voting for Dr. Ben Carson that Carson had suspended his campaign.

The former front-runner accused the Texas senator of fraud in more than one tweet.

With Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee suspending their campaigns, a new Iowa caucus could yield significantly different results; however, a new election is unlikely to happen.


Carmine Sabia Jr started his own professional wrestling business at age 18 and went on to become a real estate investor. Currently he is a pundit who covers political news and current events.
Carmine Sabia


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