CBS News slams ‘Chick-fil-A diet’ – here’s the real story

It’s fair to wonder if the Christian values of the company’s founder is the real driving force behind all the hoopla over what is known as the “Chick-fil-A diet.”

Under the title “Great Ideas — for healthier living,” the fast-food chain offers health tips on to-go bags.

“Kick off the New Year by adding one healthy habit to your routine,” the bags say. “Here’s a good one: Eat smaller meals (like an 8-count pack of grilled nuggets) every three to four hours.”

Note that Chick-fil-A offers chicken nuggets as an example of possible options… and emphasizes grilled nuggets, which are much healthier than deep fried nuggets.

Turns out the suggestion is not as far-fetched as some suggest.

“A closer look at Chick-fil-A’s nutrition facts reveals that a serving of eight grilled nuggets contains just 140 calories and is a good source of protein at 23 grams, certainly making it one of the healthier options at a fast food restaurant,” CBS News reported on Tuesday.

The “story” took off when SBNation’s Rodger Sherman mocked the diet tip on social media while posting a photo of the bag:

As mentioned, CBS News did a full length story, “The truth behind the “Chick-fil-A diet,” investigating the legitimacy of the fast-food restaurant chain’s claim after people complained that the restaurant is telling people to eat their nuggets 6 times a day.


While the network can’t seem to find time to cover things like Benghazi, the controversy over the Clinton Foundation, or show undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood executives haggling over the price of “fetal tissue” from aborted babies, there was plenty of time to cover diet tips placed on a to-go bag.

Of course, CBS News concluded that cottage cheese and raw vegetables are better choices than Chick-fil-A’s chicken nuggets — as if America didn’t already know this.

Tom Tillison


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