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Humiliating night for Hillary; squeaks by Sanders through series of precinct coin tosses

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It appears Hillary Clinton has escaped Iowa with the narrowest of victories and a brutal wound to her credibility.

Particularly how she “won” some of the awarded delegates was dubious at best.

Up to six of the state’s Democrat caucuses were, in part, determined by a coin toss, according to the Des Moines Register.

In one precinct in Ames, 484 attendees were initially recorded but when the preference groups for each candidate were counted, the number of supporters came to 240 for Clinton, 179 for Bernie Sanders and five for Martin O’Malley, who suspended his campaign last night. It produced a total of 424 leaving 60 attendees who apparently vanished into thin air, according to an account given to the Register by Iowa State associate professor David Schweingruber who attended.

This left Clinton with four delegates, Sanders with three, and one unassigned.

After a challenge by Sanders’ supporters, the precinct leaders phoned the Democrat Party hotline to ask them how to handle the situation.

Party officials suggested they determine the winner of the extra delegate with a coin toss.

Clinton subsequently won the toss.

According to the Register, there were five other precincts where delegates were determined in the same way and in all five cases, Clinton won the coins toss.

According to the online Coin Toss Probability Calculator, the chances of the same result for 6 coin flips is 1 in 64 or 0.015625 percent and yet somehow the once presumed front-runner pulled it off.

Without the benefit of the coin flips, Clinton could not have won the state.

If, as the law of probability suggests, Sanders won three of the six coin flips, Sanders would have finished with more delegates than Clinton.

Victory doesn’t get much more pathetic than that.

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Social media thought the entire thing was ridiculous.

Carmine Sabia


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