Video: When government takes your guns, you’ll use flamethrowers to defend your business

In a country with draconian gun laws, an Australian store owner had to get creative to protect himself.

Dan Rigney was in his shop scanning lottery tickets when he saw two masked men entering his store, according to the Daily Mail.

Quickly, he grabbed a can of fly spray and a lighter and shot a makeshift flamethrower at the thieves.

One of the men fell backwards and dropped his gun, but the other continued toward the cash register.

Rigney was able to use the distraction to escape from the store, the Mail reported.

Despite his interesting self-defense gadget, the thugs still got away with $680.

Perhaps if the nation’s laws didn’t make it so the criminals were the only ones with access to guns, the ending might have been different.

Watch the video below.

Carmine Sabia


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