‘Daaaang!’ Watch Cruz ad call one GOP candidate ‘the Republican Obama’ – do you agree?

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Sen. Ted Cruz is shifting direction with the target of his attack ads in Iowa.

A new ad released Friday focuses on fellow presidential candidate Marco Rubio and calls him “the Republican Obama.”

“The Republican Obama who championed Obama’s amnesty and led the ‘Gang of Eight,” the ad said of the Florida senator.

It shared a clip of Rubio purportedly saying he was in favor of a mandated carbon tax.

Tax hikes, amnesty, the Republican Obama — that’s Marco Rubio,” the ad said in conclusion.

But the clip doesn’t tell the entire story.

In the actual interview Rubio did in 2010 he said he was not in favor of the implementation of the tax.

“I’m in favor of giving the Department of Environmental Protection a mandate that they go out and design a cap-and-trade or a carbon-tax program and bring it back to the legislature for ratification sometime in the next two years,” he said in the full interview.

“I’m in favor of them designing it — I’m not in favor of them designing it and implementing it,” he continued.

The new Cruz add had social media abuzz.

Carmine Sabia


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