‘Talking about a legend’; Elementary school principal who sacrificed life to save students honored

For all of the problems that plague the American school system, nothing hits closer to home than the loss of a shining-star educator.

Principal Susan Jordan of Amy Beverland Elementary School in Indianapolis sacrificed her life in order to spare those of her students. Seeing the impending danger, Jordan leaped into action to push children out of the way of a rogue school bus jumping a curb and coming straight for them. The children were injured but spared.

Known in the community for her dedication and passion for education, and working as the school’s principle for over 20 years, her memory will not soon be forgotten.

Superintendent Shawn A. Smith of Lawrence Township schools reflected on her legacy: “Quite frankly, ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about a legend. We lost a great educator today,” Fox 59 reported Tuesday.



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