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Must see video! Steven Crowder CRUSHES fabled ‘gun show loophole’ once and for all

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In what should be required viewing for liberals, which includes President Barack Obama, comedian Steven Crowder released a video of himself testing the fabled “gun show loophole” that supposedly permits an individual to purchase a firearm without undergoing a background check.

Featuring his own unique brand of humor, Crowder fails hilariously each time he tries to buy a firearm without a license. And he captured it all on hidden camera.

The conservative pundit rushes into a gun store and states, “Real quick, I’m in a hurry, can I get a gun here without a background check?”

As expected, he hit a brick wall.

Crowder tried his luck with a number of vendors at a gun show and experienced the same defeat as the lengthy process to purchase a firearm is explained to him repeatedly.

“There’s no way to do that,” a vendor says when Crowder asked about taking a gun home that day. “You could come in here with a million dollars in cash and I still wouldn’t give it to you.”

Crowder also destroys the liberal myth about being able to purchase automatic weapons — the average person cannot.

“No one can really unless they have like a super-crazy license,” he is told when inquiring about buying a “fully automatic” weapon.

And so it goes… all done with plenty of humor so liberals can be entertained while being educated on the realities of buying a gun legally in the United States.

Tom Tillison


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