As president, Hillary says she would appoint ‘brilliant’ Obama to Supreme Court

Hillary Clinton revealed a thought that would be so astronomically disastrous for America, it should make every freedom-loving citizen run, not walk, to the polls on Election Day.

Clinton said she loves the idea of President Obama becoming a Supreme Court justice.

During a campaign rally in Decorah, Iowa, Clinton was asked if she would consider appointing Obama to the highest court in the land.

“Wow, what a great idea. No one has ever suggested that to me, I love that, wow!” she said, revealing a Clinton presidency really would be four more years of Obama — but worse.

“He may have other things to do, but I tell you, that’s a great idea.”

Clinton reminded the crowd that the next president will likely appoint up to three new Supreme Court justices.

“I mean he’s brilliant,” she continued. “And he can set forth an argument, and he was a law professor, so he’s got all the credentials.”

“Now we do have to get a Democratic Senate to get him confirmed so you’re going to have to help me on that, OK?” she added.

In a 2014 interview with The New Yorker, Obama was asked if he would consider filling a seat in the Supreme Court.

“I love the law, intellectually,” Obama said. “I love nutting out these problems, wrestling with these arguments. I love teaching. I miss the classroom and engaging with students. But I think being a Justice is a little bit too monastic for me. Particularly after having spent six years and what will be eight years in this bubble, I think I need to get outside a little bit more.”

I hear Hawaii is nice year-round.


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