Actor Danny Glover has most radical solution yet to ‘white’ Oscar problem – and you might LOVE it

Another fabulously rich Hollywood moonbat has commented on the alleged lack of diversity in Oscar nominations, and has come up with the most radical solution yet.

Do away with the awards altogether.

Actor Danny Glover offered the extreme proposal during an interview this week with Variety, saying he doesn’t “see diversity in film in the world at all anymore.”

“Awards are subjective, they’ve always been… maybe we should do away with them in a sense,” he said.

The 69-year-old actor, worth an estimated $40 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, has a long history of radical left-wing activism.

He was asked if he meant the Oscars, and Glover, who has never been nominated for the prestigious award, confirmed he was before acknowledging that “there’s a lot of money tied into it.”

“We have to talk about the process, the democratization of the whole thing of making movies, not setting and establishing what you want people to see, what fifteen men want you to see,” he said. “The Academy and everything else has been what it is since the outset.”

The democracy he speaks of, which eschews talent, would result in films that only the hard left wants folks to see — a real democratic and diversified approach.

Tom Tillison


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