Rush Limbaugh stunned at Fox News ‘acting like it was jilted at the alter’; says Trump’s ‘owning’ event

America’s most popular conservative voice on the radio doesn’t think Donald Trump is afraid of Megyn Kelly nor Fox News at all.

Rush Limbaugh said Wednesday that Trump plays by his own rules and he was not going to give Fox News “the gun and the bullet” to hit him with when he believes they are showing bias against him.

In this business one of the games is that when the media calls, you answer, and when the media wants you, you go, and when the media is going to host a debate and it’s part of a Republican presidential campaign, you go. You just do it, no matter what the media’s done to you in the past, no matter what you think of it, whether you want to go or not, you go. That’s the game.

Trump is so far outside this game, he’s so far outside the rules, he’s never been a player in this game. He’s always been an outsider. I heard people on Fox last night talking about this. “Who does he think he is? He can’t control the media.” I got news for you: He is controlling the media, and it’s his objective. He is controlling the media. He controls the media when he’s not on it. He controls the media when he is on it. He controls the media when he’s asleep. Nobody else has been able to do anything like this short of the Kennedys, and they’re pikers compared to the way Trump is doing this.


Limbaugh spoke about the rumor prior to the first Fox debate that the news channel was “given orders by the Republican establishment” to do a hit job on Trump, and the front-runner believed Megyn Kelly was doing just that.

The radio host said that by not going to the debate, Trump will still end up “owning” it.


Some guy not even present will end up owning the entire event, and the proof of that is Fox News last night. I have to tell you, folks, this is where this gets tough for me. I was stunned watching Fox News last night. Fox News was acting like they had been jilted at the altar. If it had been me — and this is easy to say — if it had been me and Donald Trump makes a big to-do about not showing up for the debate, report the story and move on. Talk about Ted Cruz. Go talk about the other candidates. Go talk about Hillary and the FBI. There’s a lot of news out there. But don’t devote the rest of the night to how a candidate’s not showing up because of you. I mean, the network, not just Megyn Kelly.

Then they bring in the analysts to analyze what it all means. I’m watching this and I’m really — very hard for me to say here — I’m stunned watching this. Because everybody has to know, everybody that’s involved has to know that this is exactly one of the things Trump is hoping to achieve. Then bringing Michael Moore on that program to mock Trump.

Read the entire transcript from Rush Limbaugh by clicking here.


Carmine Sabia

Carmine Sabia

Carmine Sabia Jr started his own professional wrestling business at age 18 and went on to become a real estate investor. Currently he is a pundit who covers political news and current events.
Carmine Sabia


15 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh stunned at Fox News ‘acting like it was jilted at the alter’; says Trump’s ‘owning’ event

  1. AbbyRhodes says:

    Hahahahahaha. “Left at the ALTER”. Nice, Carmine.

    1. John Campbell says:

      That was Rush’s comment. It was good. :o)

  2. tsigili says:

    Trump has already won the battle with Fox News.

  3. What_no_change??? says:

    Trump owns the media and they are to stupid to realize it! Kelly is a turd hack, and Trump plays her and Fox in a way that makes the average person laugh and happy he’s there. If more candidates would follow the lessons of the master we would all be better off and the media would get taken down a few more pegs.

    1. Dan Shoop says:


      1. What_no_change??? says:

        Thank you

  4. John Campbell says:

    One can only wonder what a Trump presidency will look like with daily attack dogs lining up for the morning presser. Imagine their shock if Trump showed up in person instead of a spokesman to let them have it both barrels. :o)

  5. MsRR says:

    Everyone seems to be forgetting that the purpose of the debates is to educate and inform the voters on where candidates stand on the substantive issues. So staying away may stroke his ego, and excite his fans, but it is a disservice and disrespect to the voters of this country.

    1. Grampa says:

      I don’t agree, being a lap dog to the media is just wrong on all levels, Fox included. They (Fox) are left leaning more and more every day. I wish I got One America News…I’ve listened to them at my daughters house, and I like them…seem more unbiased.

    2. monacall says:

      Ronald Reagan didn’t go to the Iowa debate! look what that got him…

    3. Bah, he’s done plenty of debates already. He can afford to skip one. Besides, all FNC had to do was replace Megyn Kelly with someone else. Is that so hard? There’s a ton of talented journalists at Fox, many who are eager to rise above their station, this never ending loyalty to Kelly is ridiculous, unless they have a secret anti-Trump agenda and she’s the best Trump-basher of the lot. Yes, I think it’s because Murdoch is an open borders guy and he wants FNC to shift the debate away from illegal immigration.

  6. Patriot2016 says:

    They’re running around like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off. Donald has moved on and they cannot stop discussing him.

    And what is really brilliant is that Trump left all the losers to tear each other apart.

    They think this is their big chance to be the star.


    It’s going to hurt each of them.


  7. Julie A says:

    I love that many of the Republican candidates are telling the media we are no longer playing by your rules. I thought it was gutsy of Rand Paul to reject Fox in the last debate. The media is corrupt, and one thing we learned in the last two elections is that they try to narrate the issues to sway people’s opinions. Fox is better than the other networks for the most part, but they are pro-establishment. Therefore, their agenda is to speak highly of the establishment candidates to sway the public’s opinion. People have become wise to their behavior and will no longer be fooled.

  8. Rush is right as always. Trump is flexing his muscles and showing the limousine media who’s really in charge. I love it.

  9. Mawgscousin says:

    Fox News has the egg on their face. They be looking stupid. The Donald be looking dapper. Ahaaaaa, FNC ypu blew it!!!! Megyn, you aren’t all that!

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