David Spade overwhelmed by haters after saying Obama should have more dignity: ‘Republicans get a bad rap’

Actor David Spade shared that it’s hard to pick political sides working in a mostly Democratic town like Hollywood where “Republicans get a bad rap.”

Appearing on Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor” on Tuesday, Spade said he stays away from political humor, and finds it “hard to pick such a clear side” in political views, adding that “I don’t know where I fall.”

“I got so much hate,” Spade said, referring to his criticism of Obama in December after the president appeared on “Running Wild,” the television reality show. “A president should have a little more dignity,” Spade had said, adding, “what president does reality shows? It just sounds weird to me, you know what I mean? It’s just too much.”

O’Reilly presented Spade with a list of fellow Saturday Night Live alumni who had become more conservative over the years, remarking that it was “almost like an epidemic.”

“I think like my mom said, ‘when you’re younger you’re Democrat, when you get older you get Republican,'” Spade said. “In the beginning I think you’re saying ‘I want to help the world’ and then when you get older you try to think it through and say ‘I have money, where’s it going.'”

“I don’t think a guy like you is going to vote for Bernie Sanders,” O’Reilly said. “Because you made your money the hard way, you earned it, and you want to give Bernie now 80 percent of your dough?”

“Is it up to 80? I would rather keep it a touch under 85,” Spade joked, adding “I like pieces of everybody and I don’t like that piece of him.”

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12 thoughts on “David Spade overwhelmed by haters after saying Obama should have more dignity: ‘Republicans get a bad rap’

  1. Unapologetically White says:

    Dignity? Obama? Really? His heroes are skanks bathing in cereal, and tax cheating race baiters.

    1. floral says:

      And either communists or raised by communists or domestic terrorists or ?(Frank Marshal Davis, Valerie Jarret, Van Jones, Bill Ayres, Rev Wright, prof bell)


    2. Sons of Liberty says:

      And criminals who hate cops.

  2. Kenneth Clark says:

    I tend to agree with Mr. Spade. I too like a piece of everybody running. Let me explain…

    I LIKE a piece of Hillary dangling from a noose at high noon on the White House Lawn and televised across every channel, Satelite, Cable and Network.

    I LIKE a piece of Bernie shoveling chum into Shark infested waters off the coast of Australia from a plank hanging over the side of a small fishing boat.

    I LIKE a piece of Rubio to be removed from the Senate and sent to work at the ship yards as a gopher boy.

    I Like a piece of Jeb to go anywhere else and keep his whining yap shut.

    I LIKE a piece of Trump to get more in depth as to his ideas.

    I LIKE a piece of Cruz to be more of a factor in the race.

    I LIKE ALL others to just sit back, shut up and get a life.

    These are the areas I think Mr. Spade may be talking about… 🙂

    1. romill says:

      Good post, KC, I agree.

  3. tsigili says:

    Obama is more of a celeb than a President. Absolutely.

    1. antiliberalcryptonite says:

      Yup. He’s like Honey-Boo-Boo-In-Chief.

      1. Patriot1119 says:

        i really can’t stand honey-boo-boo or momma june, but to compare that little fat girl to obama is just intentionally cruel towards her! shame on you!!!

    2. Patriot1119 says:

      that is a wanna-be celeb…

  4. big red says:

    The truth is the truth get over it 11 months to go GOD bless TRUMP

  5. John Campbell says:

    Why do I get the feeling this is a setup to try to attack Trump?

  6. celticnanaof3 says:

    Obama craves attention and needs everyone to focus on him. I think he gets bored quite easily. Therefore, he will go on TV shows for the attention and to have something fun to do. He really is very immature.

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