Angry woman GOES OFF on ‘deadbeat mamas’ who pamper themselves using govt. child support money

An angry woman released a video blasting other women who abuse the child support welfare system for their own personal use and gain.

The video rant was posted to on Wednesday, and already has amassed more than 57,000 views.

It was inspired by the unnamed woman’s interaction with someone at a nail salon.

“The nail shop I was at two young women walked in and they had a kid,” she recalled. “Twenty degrees outside (the) kids ain’t got no jackets on, they ain’t got no coats on, ain’t got no hat on. Cold as I don’t know what outside.”

According to the woman in the video, the two mothers wanted manicures, pedicures, eyelashes and other extravagances, and tried to pay for it with a child support payment debit card.

“I feel like people that’s receiving child support that ain’t got no job, is too comfortable and it is a broke b**ch hustle,” she said. “Child support is a broke b**ch hustle!

“I say that because if you’re broke and you ain’t got no job, and you’re comfortable with receiving $457 a month in food stamps or $600 in food stamps and then you’re receiving $300 a month for TANF, temporary assistance, and you’re receiving child support payment b**ch that’s your hustle! That’s how you’re making yours off them kids,” she scolded the women whom she called “deadbeat mommas.”

Watch the video below.


Carmine Sabia


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