Pastor Abedini reveals he spent two months with US Marine in Iranian prison; ‘heartbroken’ by his condition

After spending three years in an Iranian prison, recently released Pastor Saeed Abedini revealed that he had shared a cell with U.S. Marine Amir Hekmati for two months and was “very heartbroken” to see a fellow American in so much pain.

Abedini told Fox News host Greta Van Susteren that he was taken to Hekmati’s cell while blindfolded, and when it was removed, he was devastated by what he saw.

“I saw his eyes were completely black, got so thin, very weak,” and it moved him so profoundly that he began to cry. But through it all, he described it as “the best moment” he’d had since his arrest because the fellow Americans could offer each other encouragement.

Abedini said he was also submitted to torture.

“Once they beat me very badly because they wanted me to write something I didn’t want,” he told Van Susteren.

Abedini was forced to witness executions of other prisoners, and was threatened with being executed himself.

“The worst thing I saw was when they took some Sunnis for execution, it was in front of our eyes, and they took like tens of them to hang, every Wednesday,” he said.

Abedini and Hekmati were released along with Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian and Nosratollah Khosrawi as part of a prison swap. Former FBI agent Bob Levinson is still missing, and Iranian officials deny they have him.

Watch the interview via Fox News.


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