Hillary uses Ronald Reagan’s name to deflect Benghazi question; social media sets record straight

The next time Hillary Clinton gives a straight answer on Benghazi will be the first time Hillary Clinton gives a straight answer on Benghazi.

At Monday’s Democrat Town Hall, an audience member asked the former secretary of state how she would deal with the issue of the attack in Benghazi both in the campaign going forward and as president if she’s elected.

Rather than actually answer the question, the Democratic presidential front-runner — you guessed it — danced around it.

“I am well aware that for partisan political purposes this continues, but let me tell you why this makes me — it makes me sad. It makes me sad because we’ve had, we’ve had terrorist attacks many times before in our country,” she said before waxing reminiscent. “When Ronald Reagan was president in 1983, our Marine barracks, our embassy were attacked in Beirut. More than 250 Americans were killed. The Democrats didn’t make that a partisan issue. We were horrified. We were heartsick that Americans doing the work they were sent to do, civilians and military, were murdered by terrorists. So, the Democratic congress worked with the Republican president to say what can we do? How do we fix this?”


Perhaps, but President Reagan and Secretary of State George Shultz didn’t give the American people a ridiculous story about a video as their scapegoat.

Social media pointed out some of the differences for Clinton.

Carmine Sabia


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