‘Stump for Trump’ gals let ‘National Review’ have it with both barrels

The “Stump for Trump” girls are at it again, this time focusing their wrath on America’s oldest publication of conservative thought — “National Review.”

Their complaint? “National Review” delivered a scathing editorial in a special edition Friday outlining its case “Against Trump,” and then invited 22 nationally recognized conservative voices to each write an essay giving their own thoughts against the Republican presidential front-runner.

“If you all are that conservative didn’t the Bible teach you about the 10 Commandments? That one commandment that said ‘Thou shalt not steal?’’ they said. “So why are you all trying to steal Donald’s thunder? Trying to dim his shine? All because the conservative you’re trying to push is trailing from behind?”

The ladies took time to mention Fox News host “Megyn Kelly or Kelly Megyn, whatever her name is,” who will be one of three moderators at Thursday’s debate in Ames, Iowa.

Watch the clip via “The Viewers View.”

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