Marine Corps rejects recruit over tattoo of Confederate flag

Perhaps a more fitting tagline for the beloved Corps under the Obama administration would be: “A few good politically correct persons.”

Political correctness has come to the U.S. Marine Corps, and is evidenced by the actions of an Arkansas recruiting center that rejected a potential enlistee because he had a Confederate flag tattoo, according to KARK 4 News.


Photo Source KARK 4 News

Anthony Bauswell, 18, a self-described typical country boy, is proud of his heritage, and sports a tattoo on his side of a Confederate flag emblazoned with the words “Southern Pride.”

Which was more than the Conway Marine recruiting center was willing to tolerate.

“As soon as I said rebel flag on my ribs, he says DQ, just automatically, DQ,” Bauswell said of the recruiter.

The NBC affiliate reported that the Marine Corps tattoo policy states in part:

“Tattoos/Brands that are sexist (express nudity), racist, eccentric or offensive in nature, express an association with conduct or substances prohibited by the Marine Corps drug policy and the Uniform Code of Military Justice, to include tattoos associated with illegal drugs, drug usage, or paraphernalia, are prohibited.”


“I felt pretty low,” Bauswell said. “My own government wasn’t going to let me serve my country because of the ink on my skin.”

He told KARK 4 News that he included the phrase “Southern Pride” on the tattoo to avoid any misunderstanding about racism.

“I definitely don’t want it to be seen as racism, which is 99 percent of the reason I got southern pride on it,” Bauswell said.

Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

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4 thoughts on “Marine Corps rejects recruit over tattoo of Confederate flag

  1. LittleRoot_48 says:

    Well I have seen MANY black males around with filthy worded tattoos on them so I guess they are disqualified as well. Just curious…what happens if the draft is brought back? Shame on the Marine Corps for caving to politically correct bs. We can credit B. Hussein O. with that.

    1. Totally. The DOD has been corrupted by Obama’s PC virus.

    2. AbbyRhodes says:

      Yes, profane tattoos will disqualify you from military service. If the draft is brought back, it will be because the all-volunteer military is inadequate. Right now the military has more applicants than it needs, so it can afford to tighten up its standards. I will bet this man was rejected for reasons other than his tattoo. Most people are ineligible for military service due to health, fitness, or medical reasons.

  2. maridots says:

    Well personally I’m offended by the USMC’s attitude with this young man. He wants to serve his country and they discriminate against him because of his southern pride? It should tell them something about his loyalty. He’s willing to permanently ink his skin with his patriotic feelings and they reject him. I’d be proud to have him serve. I’m very disappointed by this decision. Nobody gives a rats ass if I’m offended, I know.

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