Clint Eastwood shuts down ‘all-white Oscar’ crybabies with just one sentence

Without any drama, actor/director Clint Eastwood gave a common sense answer when asked his opinion about the controversy surrounding the all-white Oscar nominations.

“All I know is there are thousands of people in the Academy and a lot of them — the majority of them — haven’t won Oscars,” the multiple Academy Award winner told TMZ.

He admitted that he hasn’t kept up with the brouhaha, but said, “a lot of people are crying, I guess.”

Eastwood won best director and best picture for both “Million Dollar Baby” and “The Unforgiven.”

The controversy began when Al Sharpton noted that for the second year in a row, the Academy failed to nominate a single African-American. Since then, people in the industry have taken sides, and some are even boycotting the awards ceremony altogether.

In response to a growing list of celebrities who announced they were boycotting the event, the Academy caved and announced that it hereinafter “become less male and less white.”

Goodbye merit, hello quotas.

Watch the clip, via TMZ.


150 thoughts on “Clint Eastwood shuts down ‘all-white Oscar’ crybabies with just one sentence

  1. Who really cares what a bunch of ARROGANT RICH SCUMBAGS in CommieWood have to say…

  2. Can’t wait to not watch the self-congratulatory Oscars again this year! Yawn…..

  3. Chris says:

    OK I’m going to take the time to explain a few things to everyone because I’m tired of the post from people that don’t have a clue. First of all this is an issue that has been going on for years. And it’s not just an issue about blacks, its an issue about race, age, and gender. You see the Academy is made up of 94% males, with the average age of 62. Now it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that a bunch of 62 year old men are not going to judge talent the same way a 25 year old would. Not to mention a lot of movies women like men have no interest in and visa versa..u know that look on your Hubby’s face when u want him to watch a sappy movie with ya. This is what the issue is. I don’t like the way Jada went about it and tIdiot Al Sharpton because now white America has taken a White versus black approach to this and now are flexing there muscles…and that’s based on the comments I read…settle down people the makeup of the committee needs to change. And it’s not just to benefit blacks so relax you still have the power! My next issue is this
    I always read post about BET blac k this black that…let me educate u farther.
    We all have to admit that whites are the majority in this country. Well the main Television networks know this too. There aim is $$ so they are going to show material that suits the need of the majority. Hince: Big Bang Theory etc. Could you imagine CBS taking Big Bang Theory off to show the minority report or TomJoyners Gospel explosion… Hope your following me here. Well it just isn’t going to happen… One thing that you must understand is yes we are all human, yes we are all American, and yes we all bleed red but beyond that we have different cultures. Blacks love rythmic music, our ideal of a beautiful woman isn’t a 100lb blue eyed blond, if anything we feel like she needs to eat more. Black men like women with curves…now

  4. Richard Reiter says:

    I think they should all get a trophy for participating !!!!

  5. Terry Worcester says:

    Whites don’t want to be on BET. They want to maintain their careers at a level of comparison to the whites in the world. In reality there aren’t that many people claiming to be black actors in comparison to those that are white active actors. Just start calling it the Affirmative Action crybaby awards. I read where they are being racist claiming white male actors should not bee adhered to anymore in academy awards assessment. So this is a black racist manipulation boldly slamming white boys. Give us a break! !

    1. Chris says:

      Once again another ignorant comment from someone that doesn’t understand the issue. The issue is the lack of diversity on the committe, its not just blacks that have an issue, whites and blacks, latinos, and women have had an issue for years about a committee that is made up of 6000 members, where there 94% white males avg age of 62. Everyone is making this a racial issue because the blacks spoke up for something more than just blacks have an issue about…read whats going on. Other than what Biz is reporting, which is a blog site that generates racist seperatism

  6. SofiesVoice says:

    All this whining about the academy awards is so ridiculous. Oh well, I really don’t care, I never watch all those award shows, and there are many, because it is so boring to watch what are supposed to be adults acting like high schoolers and patting each other in the back like they really care for each other…..ewwwww, yuck!

  7. David says:

    I almost completely forgot about those awards. Havent had tv for so many years, and apparently I havent missed much

  8. Kevin Burns says:

    F’ The Academy…………

  9. Karen Hunkins Decoteau says:

    Johnny Depp & Dicaprio have not won Oscar,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,whine @$$ blacks.

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