Canada’s newly-elected PM tells Leonardo DiCaprio to cut his climate change crap

Canada’s newly-elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau blasted actor Leonardo DiCaprio’s “inflammatory rhetoric” on climate change, stating that he wasn’t helping the cause, especially in light of those who had lost their jobs in the oil industry.

The Hollywood A-lister remarked at the World Economic Forum Wednesday that corporate greed was causing climate change and “enough is enough,” The New York Post reported.

“We simply cannot afford to allow the corporate greed of the coal, oil and gas industries to determine the future of humanity,” he told the gathering. “Those entities with a financial interest in preserving this destructive system have denied, and even covered up the evidence of our changing climate.”

Trudeau took DiCaprio to task at the forum later in the day.

“I pointed out that both Alberta and Canada have new governments over the past year that are committed to action on climate change,” the liberal prime minister told reporters Friday. “And that there are families suffering, out of work, who need to be supported, and inflammatory rhetoric doesn’t necessarily help those families or help Canada.”

“He actually said if we took concrete action on climate change he would be the first to come up and celebrate with us,” Trudeau added.

It was also reported that DiCaprio flew to the forum, held in a Davos, Switzerland, in a private jet.


6 thoughts on “Canada’s newly-elected PM tells Leonardo DiCaprio to cut his climate change crap

  1. longlance says:

    DiCaprio, just another pampered limousine liberal with a massive carbon footprint. And to think, he was nominated for an Oscar and Snoop Dogg wasn’t.

    1. gbonkers666 says:

      Don’t worry, with new changes in Oscar rules, Snoop Dog will. In fact, black extras #1-20 (it was a crowd scene) will all get their Oscars.

  2. kazzer66 says:

    DiCaprio’s just another Lefty egotard hypocrite seeking adulation for his stance on popular Leftist mythology.

  3. Kenneth Clark says:

    Stupid will be stupid. This is nothing but a pyramid scheme to enrich a few. No one can do anything to change the normal cycles of the earth.

  4. rhjames says:

    If course, DiCaprio would know, what with being an actor. Just because he’s in the public eye, doesn’t been he has a clue about climate change. Throw at him terms like Hadcrut, GISS, UAH, RSS, NOAA, CAGW, and I’ll bet he won’t have a clue. (Even David Suzuki was lost with these, and they’re basic to anyone with any serious interest in climate change. As for his private jet, if he can’t practice what he preaches, he’s not serious. Just like Al Gore leaving his driver in a car with the engine and air conditioning on, so it would be cool when he came out of the function he was attending.

  5. jackbenimble333 says:

    If climate change is REALLY a real issue, the very FIRST thing we should do is put a 1000% tax on jet fuel for any plane flying with less than a 50 passenger to 1 pilot ratio. The people flying around in these jets contribute more CO2 to the atmosphere in a few hours then most of us consume in a decade.

    We would quickly find out how committed the Hollywood and government elites were to the climate.

    In general, good public policy should ALWAYS require that the elites suffer first.

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