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O’Reilly calls liberal ‘Dump Trump’ movement ‘hysteria’ fueled by ‘totalitarian loons’

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OreillyTrump1In response to the latest attacks on Donald Trump, Bill O’Reilly said radical leftists are trying to shut down free speech by threatening and smearing anyone who does not agree with them.

In the “Talking Points Memo” segment of “The O’Reilly Factor” on Thursday, the Fox News host came out swinging at Trump haters, calling the latest bombardment a form of “hysteria.”

O’Reilly pointed out that, although the Republican front-runner is dominating media coverage in the presidential race, the attention is not all positive: “Donald Trump is taking his lumps in the marketplace of free speech,” he said.

Amid calls for the media to stop its coverage of Trump, O’Reilly said the new group, “Stop Hate, Dump Trump,” is simply using threats to intimidate the media. “There is much more to this group than most know,” he added.

Calling the group “a bunch of radical leftists,” O’Reilly said they feel that they “can say pretty much anything, attack anyone, smear their own country and all of that is OK,” while Trump’s opinions are not. Although anyone is free to accept or reject Trump, O’Reilly said, “you are not free to threaten anyone who reports on him.”

“Trying to stifle news coverage of any political candidate runs against what the USA is all about,” he said. “The radical left despises the openness the Constitution encourages. Why? Because it’s much easier to control thought when dissenting voices are silenced.”

The group’s efforts may just well backfire, O’Reilly said, as people may say “enough’s enough with these radical, totalitarian loons.”

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