‘More lies!’ Hillary’s answer to whether she’s part of ‘political establishment’ is truly unbelievable

In a CNN interview Thursday, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton indicated that she didn’t know what the political “establishment” was.

After a CNN/ORC poll showed Sen. Bernie Sanders surge ahead of Clinton by eight points, 51-43, among Iowa’s likely voters, CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer bluntly asked the former secretary of state if she considered herself to be part of the establishment.

“I just don’t understand what that means,” Clinton replied.

Watch the exchange.

She went on to say that while she only held an elected office for eight years as a New York Senator, Sanders has been sitting in Congress for 25.

She failed to mention that she also occupied the White House for eight years as first lady, served as secretary of state for four, and that the Democratic National Committee is doing everything within its power to see her become the party standard-bearer.

The nation howled over that one.

Meanwhile, Daily Beast politics editor Betsy Woodruff drew attention to what was ‘burning’ behind Clinton.

Here are a few possibilities:

And my favorite:

Yep. That’s where lying will land you.


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