‘Livid’ woman goes off! Records major tirade at conservative authors who penned anti-Trump manifesto

angry womanA California woman chastised conservative pundits for preaching to Donald Trump supporters about what it means to be a true conservative.

“I’m about to go on a rant, you know why? I’m pissed!” Kambree Nelson, a businesswoman and host of the upcoming Veterans News Network began.

“I am one of the noisy majority, and I am one of the people that is voting for Donald Trump. And guess what GOP, and guess what Tea Party, I am a conservative,” she continued in a nearly 11 minute video.

Nelson was “livid” at Thursday’s “Kelly File” panel for discussing the National Review article that called for conservatives to support someone other than Trump.

“What you guys said up there tonight was completely offensive to me,” she said. “I never knew that there was a handbook that we had to abide by to be considered conservative to vote in this next election. Do I have to come to a tea party to be able to be considered considerate–and to be conservative.”

While the woman lambasted conservative pundits for trying to quash the will of the people, arguably her rant constitutes an attack on the free speech of those pundits. (See what Bill O’Reilly had to say about ‘thought control’ and squashing freedom of thought and speech.)

“The people want to be safe. The people want to feel protected,” she said. “And because somebody doesn’t live, or look, or speak by the standards that you have in your written handbook on what defines conservatism – I don’t get it! I am mad! Yes I am angry!”

But the establishment Republicans she is speaking about just booted the National Review out as a sponsor of the upcoming GOP debate for its attack on Trump.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think.

h/t: The Gateway Pundit.

Carmine Sabia


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